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Jackson, MS has 13 people running for Mayor.

This is one of them. Please, take one minute, 48 seconds out of your day to view this. I can’t stop crlaughing! Yes, that is a combination of crying and laughing…


You’re welcome. Happy Friday.


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    • I’m trying to figure out how much weed she smokes to think that hemp is going to protect any one or any thing from nuclear radiation?!?!

      And what, pray tell, is a mayatorial race?

      No ma’am! She needs to have several seats.

      • And she’s SO animated at times! I didn’t catch the tie in with hemp and her motto until I watched it a second time. And is she trying to say MS is an “agriculture” state, but mispronouncing the word? The plant will “dissolve radiation and repel it.” Whoa! I had no clue! LOL!

  1. No Ma’am! I didn’t know that there were that many candidates. I went to high school with Tony Yarber and middle school, high school and college with his wife. I live in TX now but I’ve only really paid attention to 4 of the candidates. Lawd, I need to call my mama and see if she saw this.

  2. I am laughing and quite disturbed. What if she wins? I think we all agree, the redhaired population of Jackson MAY VOTE FOR HER! And that is a lot of people!

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