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It’s Monday. I’m Random

  • I got into grad school! Yay! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (some say this refers to the Creek tribe of Native Americans and not just a random body of water. Who knew?!?) I’ll start classes toward my Doctorate in Public Health in August at Jackson State. I used to think I shouldn’t earn my doctorate from a HBCU, but you know what? Bump it! Pray for me y’all!
  • I’m a little worried about how my going back to school will affect LG’s extracurricular activities, but I’m moving forward in faith that it’ll all work out.
  • After no-buy March, I thought I’d ease back into building up my wardrobe. But the Loft has 50% off today, free shipping. So I ordered a few more things to try on. I’m sure they won’t all work. But if they do? I’m keeping it all.
  • Oh, you thought I was through? No. I also ordered a seersucker blazer and a pair of linen pants from another site. Now, if I can find one more maxi skirt I think I’m good. Probably.
  • LG brought home a C in math. Down from an A. Sigh. I didn’t freak out over it, but I did tell her that I expect her to do her best and I didn’t think a C was her best. We’re going to work toward pulling that joker up to a B by the end of the semester. They’ve got one month of school left. And her C is a 79. So surely this can happen. Right? Right. And if I get to reacquaint myself with the basics of Geometry all the better…
  • I’ve been in boot camp for the last 4 Saturdays. I am sore, stiff, and the same size I was when I started. Ugh. I’ve got to get a handle on my ridiculous snacking habits. Who leaves boot camp only to come home and eat a handful of oatmeal cookies? That would be me in case you weren’t paying attention.
  • I’ve vacillated between chopping my hair off and dyeing it and just letting it ride. But it’s too long. And irritating. So I’m going to make an appointment for a haircut and see if that changes the way I feel about my locs.
  • Operation Get the House in Order is back in full affect. Particularly now that I know I’m going back to school. All of the extra must go. All of it. I’ve no time or energy for it.
  • Of course, there are always exceptions to my minimalism. LG wants a bird. I told her I’d think about it. Smoochy took her to the pet store to look at them. Y’all know there will be a poor, trapped bird in our house soon, right? I’m gonna call it Maya. LG will probably name it Bob though – she’s named everything Bob lately. Strange child.
  • Did I ever report back to y’all that the mari.juan.a lady did not win the Jackson mayoral race? Well, she didn’t. I’m sure you’re as shocked to hear that as I was. Ha!
  • Okay, that’s it I think. What’s shaking in your world? Making moves? Life on an even keel? Read anything good lately? How’s the family?

26 thoughts on “It’s Monday. I’m Random

  1. LOL!!!! I love your random commentary. Thank the heavens above that Gwendolyn a/k/a the mari.juan.a lady did not win. Although it would have been interesting to see how she would encourage more Jacksonians to puff, puff, give in order to protect the environment against the nuclear holocaust. Hmmmm…

  2. Whoop whoop! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you (not that it matters, lol)! NY&Co extended their 50% off sale to today, in case you were looking for some new cardigans to round out your scholarly Doctorate look. Summer is the best time to try out a new look…I chopped my locs off in May of 2011. Looking forward to hearing about Maya Bob. Maybe you can use the bird as an incentive for LG to bring her math grade back up.

    • Thank you! And yes, it matters. You all support and encourage me and I’m thankful for that! I resisted the NY&Co sale. I told LG I needed to see her make some moves with that math grade and then we could discuss bringing Maya/Bob home.

  3. Congrats on school! That’s AWESOME!

    I feel you on the struggle with snacks. I’ve found that I have to restrict myself during the work week, only in moderation on the weekend and that seems to be helping me.

    • Thank you! Yes, I’ve done the clean eating during the week – a treat or two on the weekend thing and it worked. I shouldn’t have stopped – will pick that back up.

  4. Congrats on grad school! I’m still waiting and tempted to say forget it! My top choice doesn’t make decisions until May…

    Last week (the week that started with the Claritin induced insomnia) was a horrible workout week for me. My sleep was off but I made sure I watched my eating. It reinforced the unfortunate truth that diet is more important than exercise. At least for me. Now if only I could stop my love affair with food. Good luck with your snacking.

    I can’t wait to see pics of Bob the bird LOL

    • Thank you. And no ma’am! I need someone to go through this with. Hope you get a “yes” in May!
      Girl. That bird. And now Smoochy wants one too. So we may end up with a Bob AND a Maya O_o

  5. Congratulations on your doctorate school acceptance!

    Like you, I have bad snacking habits. At this point, working out just helps to maintain my weight and makes sure my clothes fit like they should.

    I did some Spring Cleaning this past weekend but the bedrooms still need to be tackled. They may not make the cut….just saying.

    I am in no mood to deal with my hair (twisted or blown out) when we go on vacay. I need to call my beautician friend to see if she can slap some tracks on my dome.

    Nothing much going on this way. If we would have ordered tickets in time, we could have been going to see Chris Tucker this weekend at the Looney Bin in LR. Oh well….

    • Thanks! Yeah…I got to above where I should be weight wise, so I’ve got to lose and then maintain. Oh joy 🙂 Y’all going to the Bay? Your hair is so pretty!


    I have always wanted a bird…but my mom said they are too messy. Glad to see you aren’t like my mom and LG will have her bird!

    I snack like crazy. I want to get hypnotized so I have an aversion to random snacking. I hope they can also get my motivation up. Let me know if you know of a hypnotist that can do this!

    I thought the creek rising totally referred…to a creek rising and washing away everything.

    • I am married to the only reason LG is getting a bird! I’ll hypnotize you. My fee is payable up front. No refunds. I’m not sure which Creek that saying refers to – I’m gonna keep using it regardless.

      • Um. The people I’ve hypnotized don’t actually know they were hypnotized. Duh. My services were paid for by family members who wish to remain anonymous. Hypnotist/patient confidentiality prevents me from saying more.

        Naw, I don’t! I’m doing good to have kept the husband and child alive and in a semi-prosperous state for as long as I have!

  7. CONGRATS on Grad school!!!

    I’m also considering cutting the locs. But just shorter NOT off.

    Maya, the caged bird, LOL.

    • Thank you! I wish my locs were thinner – with their thickness they’re kinda hard to put up. I’m taking baby steps – a cut first. Then I’ll reevaluate 🙂

  8. I see nothing wrong with earning a doctorate from an HBCU.

    Of course LG can earn a B in math by the end if the term.

    How did the mari.juan.a lady do? I’m sure some voted for her!

    • Neither do I. That probably didn’t come out right. A lot of people told me I needed a doctorate from a PWI since I have degrees mostly from HBCUs, and I gave that credence for a while. But I’m over that train of thought. Re LG’s grade: they only have 4 weeks of school left and I think a whole week of that is dedicated to testing. I’m hoping she has enough assignments left to pull the grade up. I think Mary Jane got about 40 votes – she was by no means the candidate with the fewest votes which I find hilarious!

      • Your comment actually came out right. I’ve heard people state they shouldn’t earn all of their degrees from HBCUs and I disagree. No, I didn’t earn any of mine from HBCUs, but I know plenty of people who have and they are quite successful. It’s all about what you DO with the degree!

        Now that is funny that she wasn’t the candidate with the fewest amount of votes!

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