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It’s Summertime in Hollis Queens…

About this post’s title….Yeah, I’m pretty confident that is NOT how the lyrics from the Run DMC classic “Christmas in Hollis” go. Blame Smoochy. He took it upon himself to rap – incorrectly – on the phone the other day and now I have these wrong lyrics stuck in my head -_-

So, for all intents and purposes it’s summer, summer, summertime. And the living is easy. See what I did there…

LG goes to a summer camp every day. There’s a new lady running it this year and she decided to tell us on Tuesday morning, as we were dropping kids off, that she’s changing the hours from 7a-6p to 7a-5p. Stop.The.Presses. What kind of nonsense would make you think that a camp, for children of working parents, should close at 5 p.m.? Don’t most people get off work at 5? I get off work at 4, but traffic is so crazy that most days I don’t sign LG out until 4:50, maybe 4:55. And if there’s an accident? All bets are off. I’m pretty sure her 7-5 policy isn’t going to last long.

The summer usually involves a lot of time in the pool, especially for LG. I am going to have her hair braided for ease. I am having the lady add fake hair to her braids so it’ll last. I swore I’d never put fake hair in my kid’s head. I lied.

I want my bedroom painted before summer’s over. And by “I want my bedroom painted…” I mean, I will be painting our room before the summer is over. Right now, I’m leaning heavily toward a dark gray color. But I could be swayed if something catches my eye while I’m perusing the paint chips.

We’re going to Virginia for a bit in June. I’m looking forward to it. I know we’ll do a day trip to DC (LG loves DC) but other than that, I hope to lay around and read a lot. There are three books I want to start/finish before I go back to school. I also need to read through an old statistics book to refresh my memory – oh, joy!

S.onic brought back it’s “summer of shakes,” so I’m once again trying to drink my way through the menu. But I’m also trying to lose weight, so I’m not really sure how this will all pan out. So far, I’ve had the salted caramel shake and the oreo caramel shake. I have not enjoyed or finished either one of them. Blech.

I give LG work for the summer. I print out a bunch of worksheets, put them in a notebook and every few days she has to complete one. I’m going to have her do a short book report for me this summer as well. She likes school, so I’m hoping this doesn’t feel like punishment for her. I need her skills to stay sharp so she can hit the ground running in August.

I never wear crop pants. Ever. I’ve always thought they cut me off and make me look funny. Bought a pair from Loft the other day, and I love them. If they’re still on sale, I’m going to get another pair. Never say never 🙂

What’re your plans for the summer? Travel, vacation, work, kids? What do your children do all summer? Do you have them do any sort of educational work over their 2 month break?




6 thoughts on “It’s Summertime in Hollis Queens…

  1. How rude of the new chick to take it upon herself to change the hours the day camp starts. At least give people a grace period so that they can make other arrangements. I agree that it probably won’t last long. She gone learn.

    I’ll be in the fake hair boat with LG. I’ve decided I must have “vacation hair”. I don’t want to deal with maintaining my hair (straight or curly) while we’re out of town. Now I just need to find the kind of weave I want.

    I love Oreo blasts from Sonic but sometimes they skimp on the Oreo’s! I guess with all things it depends on who makes it. Oreo and caramel doesn’t sound very appetizing to me. I love each separately but together? Naw. I need to stay away from sweets in general anyway. I just came back from the doctors office and discovered I gained 10 lbs. It just crushed my little ego because just last week someone told me I looked as if I was loosing weight. *le sigh*

    Summer school work was a staple for us growing up. My sister does it with her kids now.

    • She crazy!

      Your hair is so pretty! But I’m sure your vacation hair will be fabulous as well. I wish I could get some….

      My strange child enjoys the summer work. My dad gave us ours. Hated every minute of it!

  2. That’s pretty bold to change the hours to 5. Did she drop the price as well?

    What 3 books? Will there be discussion on any of them?

    I tried the Sonic SOS last year and failed miserably! The sonic i thought was around the corner had closed and the other ones just aren’t that close. And a drive isn’t worth it.

    • Oh look. It’s the next week and she’s already had to go back to closing at 6. Duh!

      Current book: And the Mountains Echoed (Khalid Hosseini). Next book: Crash the Chatterbox (Steven Furtick). After that: Slaves in the Family (Edward Ball). I didn’t think these would be of much interest to the group at large. But I’m always down for a discussion – if you want to discuss one of them, let me know and we’ll set a date!

      I only got about 8 shakes in last summer. And Sonic is approximately 5 minutes from my house. 2 if there are no red lights!

  3. We have a fam reunion in July in Chicago but aside from that, we’re kind of just playing it by ear. Jas’s school turns into day camp in the summer so that’s a blessing for me. She’ll just stay where she is minus the uniform.

    • Enjoy your trip! Sooner or later I’m going to make it to Chicago. I’ve never been and want to go so badly!

      Nice! I hope you guys have a great summer.

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