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That’s all I’ve got today. A simple question with no simple answers.


I used to not watch the news. Ever. It was so depressing and weighed too heavily on my spirit. But somehow, the news, particularly in the morning, has crept back into my life.

And every day it’s the same damn thing.

Murders. Drive by shootings. Rapes. Robberies. Neglected children.

And the perpetrators always seem to be one of us. Black.

Now. The black men, the black people, I know are good. We are educated. We are well traveled. We love our lives. We don’t commit crimes. We go to work. We love our mamas and our daddies. We love and raise our children as right as we know how. We tail gate. We hold it down at home. Even the ones who are trife are just trife-light. Late on child support, drink a little too much, can’t keep a job – but still good folks at their core.

But I’ve got to wonder what is going on in our community that we just seem to be wilding out every day, in every way possible.

Why are these kids killing each other? Why are they killing the elderly? There was a woman here – 67 years old – who was found beated, raped, stabbed, strangled AND shot. My God. A woman was held at gunpoint and raped by three men in broad daylight at a gas station. No one responded to her when she cried out for help. No one.

Is it Godlessness? Is it babies having babies? Is it absent fathers? All of this? None of this? Don’t other races experience these situations as well? Why aren’t they acting a fool all over our cities and states?

I’ll give you a small bit of media bias, but that can’t be all of it.

Why? What are the solutions? What are your thoughts on this?





6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. My belief is that no one has a path, goals or aspirations. Just nothing to look forward to. It leads to that “idle mind” that we hear so much about.

    • Agreed. When I was younger there were so many youth programs and things to do. Now adults are taking traditionally teen jobs and free youth programs are few and far between.

  2. I believe it’s all of what you mentioned and a generation of parents that are crippling their kids. It’s not just single parent households either. In the past few months I’ve witnessed too many young adults that have not been taught responsibility or accountability. It’s sad and when I ask parents why – they don’t know. It’s a sad state of affairs truly.

  3. I have to add the uncensored media outlets. Too much violence and language on TV, music and video games. Our youth is desensitized to the horrors they commit.

  4. Thanks y’all for your responses. Do you think that the reasons you mention are exclusive to blacks? That it’s disproportionate? It’s just the way “we” are?

  5. A Very good, honest, and Heartfelt post, my Dear. Blessings.

    But please do not think it is happening only to the Blacks.

    Many, called Greats, have given long and big answers. For me, Christ’s teaching: To Love, seems to be the solution. People mess up even with this by loving themselves, and saying they are loving! They love themselves and they loot, they love themselves and they kill. 😦

    Hearty Love and Regards. 🙂

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