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Hola! Que paso?

I miss blogging. So I decided to blog.

Randoms. Of course 🙂

  • I turned 42 yesterday! I’m not really sure how that happened since I was just 26, but apparently time? She marches on. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who refuses to share their age. I’m 42 and glad about it. Every day, every year is a blessing.
  • I thought my day was going to be full of work and school. But. I left work early and took myself to the movies – saw “This is Where I Leave You.” Pretty good. Reminded me a lot of my family dynamic. Then I ran home to see Smoochy and LG before I went to class. They sang, gave me a delicious assortment of mini bundt cakes (who even knew this was a thing???), I opened my presents and then I jetted off to class. Only to learn class had been cancelled. Which means I got to go see The Spinners at the state fair. Y’all! I love The Spinners. I’m not entirely sure who those 5 dudes in bright yellow suits were, but they sounded good and LG and I had a ball. And The Spinners have a new fan. Who happens to be 10. I’m pretty sure LG and I were the youngest people in attendance, but whatev!
  • I’m slowly getting back into the groove of being in school. Seems more difficult this time around for whatever reason. But I’ll get there!
  • So. I know this girl, okay, grown woman. We go to church together and have people in common. She’s mentioned hanging out a few times. So another friend and I went to lunch with her. She stayed tapping on her phone the whole time. Alrightie. Then we invited her to a concert. She stayed tapping on her phone the whole time. And then went home and told her husband that my friends and I were a bunch of wild women. Um. Yeah. No. Then she invites us (really our children) to her son’s birthday party – but tells us that she’s only paying for the 4 little boys who are coming from his class – we’d have to pay for our girls. Lady. This right here? Just may be the reason you don’t have any friends. My friend wants to fight this girl. I just want to tell her that she’s got some odd behaviors that are likely standing in the way of her developing the type of friendships that she says she desires. Did I mention that when she sees my other friend at work – they’re both in education – she doesn’t even speak because she “keeps her professional and personal lives separate.” Good luck sister. Oh. I typed all that because I’d like to know what you think – tell her about her…idiosyncrasies and the fact that they’re holding her back, or just let her be and hope she finds a friend or two who will put up with her? I think she’s decent. But confused.
  • I just realized I’ve been listening to Tevin Campbell’s “Round and Round” for a good half hour. Apparently I hit “repeat song” when I mean to hit “shuffle songs.” I wonder why that dude’s career didn’t take off…
  • Since I last wrote my little kiddo celebrated her 10th birthday! I cannot believe I’ve been her mom for a whole decade now. She is still the funniest kid I know (yep, I’m biased) and every day brings a new adventure and/or issue. Right now? We’re up to our necks in training bras and discussions on why I won’t let her shave her legs. Go sit down somewhere little girl!
  • I have three brothers. One doesn’t talk to the family as a whole. One is mad at me and our conversations as of late have consisted of monosyllabic grunts – on his part. The other one and I are still cool. I’ve been praying a lot for restored relationships.

I guess that’s it for now. How’s everything with you? Life good?


10 thoughts on “Hola! Que paso?

  1. Hi there;
    I would tell the grown woman (girl) that she may be unintentionally doing things that alienates potential friends.
    Happy birthday! I own my age also – I’m 47!!!
    Family relationships – always praying over here.
    I remember when my daughter discovered the Spinners. She called them the spiners as in spine…took me a while to figure out what she was talking about. Made me smile and the Spinners are a great group.

  2. Happy belated to you and LG!

    As for ol girl, I’d tell her about herself THEN leave her alone. She seems like a waste of time.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a good day.

    I think people do better when they know better…so I would try to tell her. Especially about the no speaking think….that would not fly with me.

  4. Hey, we missed you too!
    Happy Birthday to you and LoveGirl.
    School is funny as an adult. Are there a buch of young-uns in your classes?
    I’d laugh at GrownWoman and tell her how silly she is. Let her try to figure out if I mean it or not.
    Mad brother is not that mad or he wouldn’t be talking to you at all.
    Never heard of This is Where I Leave You – I’ll go go.o.gl.

  5. My Dear N, so You seem to have ‘covered up’ for any absence from blogging! But it is good. Kudos.

    …You write Your name is ‘Swahili’ in origin. And You are ready to share Your ‘age.’ But What IS Your name, You silly thing? 🙂

    …About the woman without (too many) friends. I think You have said it perfectly: ‘I think she’s decent. But confused.’

    Love and Regards. 🙂

  6. A Nerd Girl post! YEEEESSSS!! I agree with dmac, we’ve missed you too.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you and LG! She’s just a few months younger than one of my nephews (he was born in March 2004). Wouldn’t it be crazy if they both ended up attending UAPB??? Stranger things have happened but that would be so cool.

    “Then she invites us (really our children) to her son’s birthday party – but tells us that she’s only paying for the 4 little boys who are coming from his class – we’d have to pay for our girls.”

    Say what now?! I just let out an indescribable weird sound after reading the sentence above. I really need folks to understand that sometimes it’s okay to forgo being polite for the sake of being polite. Meaning she really didn’t have to invite you guys if she’d already had the guest list (that fit within her budget) planned out. I don’t think any normal person would have been offended. It takes dough to raise these chi’ren but playdates at the park are free. Anyway, regarding your question. Someone needs to tell her but does it have to be you? I mean I guess if she asked outright then yeah but you two are really just acquaintances at this point. Maybe leave that difficult conversation to someone that’s in her inner circle to handle.

  7. Happy belated lady! And happy bday to your little one!

    This “friend” you’ve been hanging with…ummm no. When I go out with people its all phones away all day. And inviting you to the party but not paying for the kids? That’s a fail. Yeah these things definitely contribute to her friendlessness.

    Hate to hear things aren’t going better with your family. Never give up. I’m sure you wont.

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