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Year End Ramblings

Hey y’all. It’s been quite a 2014. Some good, some bad. I guess in some ways that means it is exactly like every year that has passed and every year that is yet to come.

My first semester of my doctoral program is under my belt, praise God! I ended the semester with 3 As. That A in Biostatistics? Nothing but grace. I had an 88. I guess the instructor felt bad for my struggling self and gifted me those two extra points. I will be auditing a Biostats class probably every semester until I take my comps – I am self aware enough to know that without notes and a book in front of me, there’s no way I could pass comps with my current “knowledge” of the subject. Anyhoo, semester 2 is next on deck. I did pretty well not procrastinating this semester, but there’s always room for improvement. Taking 2 classes and a lab again next semester. Next year I will start taking a minimum of 9 hours a semester. I refuse to be in this program until I’m 50!

Still in shock over the death of my father-in-law in November. I keep waiting for his smiling face to peer around the corner and offer me a piece of candy and a hello in his Central Mississippi drawl. Sigh. I was blessed with a great MIL and FIL and I miss each of them on a regular basis. Smoochy is doing well, LG continues to be weepy, but really when your Paw Paw is gone that’s to be expected. It’s weird for me not having a parent right around the corner who would do anything for me that he could. Have mercy.

We hosted Christmas day festivities – something that is sooo far outside of my comfort level that it’s not even funny. But I think that everyone – my SIL, her family, an aunt and her family, an uncle and his, and two sets of family friends – had a good time. Smoochy had someone cook dinner for us and had the house professionally cleaned so I really had to do was bake a few cakes, make some punch, and stay awake. I’ll let you guess which of those tasks was hardest for me….

Speaking of having the house professionally cleaned? Yeah – adding that to the budget for sure! Y’all I have fallen in love with our house all over again since it’s all sparkly clean and smelling good. We don’t need someone on a weekly, or even biweekly basis. But someone coming in once a month or so, dusting the place really well, hitting those baseboards and cleaning all the windows? Sign me up! Glorious I tell ya!

Went to see Annie with LG and her friend yesterday. And don’t y’all tell anyone as it would ruin my rep as a musical hater, but I actually enjoyed it! Who knew?!?

Anyhoo, I know that everyone has stopped blogging for the most part, but I’ve missed it, I’ve missed y’all and I’m pretty sure that 2015 will have me back in this spot on a regular basis.

Be well!


6 thoughts on “Year End Ramblings

  1. For some reason you crossed my mind today and here is your post in my Bloglovin. Sorry to hear about your FIL, those adjustments are hard and take time.

    I agree with the housekeeper. I had one come in and I think if she can just come once a month to do the deep cleaning I can maintain. I don’t know if it is a psychological thing but the floors seem cleaner and the house smells fresher when the labor isn’t at your own hands!!

    • Hey lady! Happy New Year to you and yours! And thank you – it’s definitely an adjustment.
      It is so funny that you say that – I kept telling Smoochy how great the house smelled – better and different even though they used our cleaning supplies đŸ™‚

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law. Losing a loved one is always hard, but I imagine it makes it harder if the loss happens right before the holidays.

    Way to go on the doctoral program. Keep up the good work. I need a housekeeper. I’ve got to many issues to actually get one.

    • Thank you! Look, I think the fact that Smoochy just called them and I knew nothing about it was for the best – I would’ve surely cleaned up if I’d known they were coming…

  3. I haven’t been over here in… Years probably. Wanted to wish you blessings in the new year & peace in your time of mourning. Love Until next time, T.

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