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It Scared Me. But I Did It Anyhow.

Oh, so I’m just gonna pop back in here and blog like it’s not been a while? Sure am.

Recently returned from a cruise with LG (who started 5th grade last week. 5th! My girl is growing up!), my parents, my SIL, niece, nephew, and three cousins. That’s right, ten of us set sail from NOLA to Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. 7 days on the high seas. And we had a ball.

Now. You may – or may not – remember that swimming is not my thing. I grew up with a pool in my backyard, but I still never managed to conquer my fear of drowning and become a proficient swimmer. I’ve taken a couple of swimming lessons, so I can swim on my back, I can swim underwater as long as I can hold my breath, but an Olympian I’ll never be. But. I wanted to snorkel at least once on this trip. I know you don’t have to be able to swim to snorkel, but I figured I’d better go ahead and get back in the water. So I signed myself up for another round of swim lessons. And actually made great progress according to my teacher. Apparently I can swim. I just need to believe that I can swim.

Anyhoo, we decided to snorkel in Belize. My parents told me that you just wade out from the shore, put your mask on, stick your face in the water and ooh and aah at all of the sights. Except when you don’t. We booked an excursion and found ourselves motoring out into the Caribbean. I thought we were going to an island. Wrong. So wrong. When we got out in the middle of…nowhere, the captain threw down the anchor and said “everybody off!” Uh. What? Why are we in the middle of this huge expanse of water? Where are we gonna snorkel? Apparently, right there, right then.

Y’all. I was petrified. But I’m also cheap. And I figured since I’d paid $74.99 for me and $54.99 for LG to partake in this, into the sea I would jump. So I did. And I was more scared than a little bit. But once I calmed down, stopped panting (uh, your head is above water girl AND you’re wearing a mask that makes it possible to breathe out of your mouth), and whispered up a quick prayer? I had a ball. I went for it, stuck my head in the water, marveled at the sea life, and could not get over the fact that I was bobbing around in the middle of the sea, with 8 of my family members (one cousin chickened out), having a darn good time.

I held a conch, a sea cucumber, saw lots of beautiful fish, marveled at the beauty and vastness of the sea, and got “stuck” over a huge portion of the coral reef. But instead of panicking, I just rode the wave (literally) and eventually was able to paddle back to my group. It was an awesome experience and I am ever so glad that I didn’t listen to fear and chose instead, to experience something new.

I hope that if fear is holding you back from doing something you really want to do, you will choose to take a deep breath and jump in feet first instead of standing on the shore paralyzed with self doubt.

Happy Monday! Have a blessed week.

And just because this is the ONLY picture I have from the entire experience, here’s my kid, bobbing around in the sea having the time of her ten year old life 🙂


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