Speaking of Hair…

This happened today. I’m not a fan. Gonna let it fully dry overnight and take it down in the morning – should at least get some nice curls/waves out of it!

I want some different looks for my hair, so while I’m glad I branched out of my comfort zone, this isn’t it.





MANICure Tuesday

This week I’m rocking Zoya’s “Pasha” on eight nails and China Glaze’s “Champagne Kisses” on my ring fingers.

Love these colors individually – not so much paired up. Ah well, it’ll be my look until Saturday night 😉


And I did go back and add a layer of Sinful Colors’ “Green Ocean” to last week’s black manicure. Not the best picture but this combo was so pretty – definitely a keeper.


MANICure Monday

So…apparently I’ve decided to join the fun and post pictures of my manicure every Monday. I did this a while ago and thanks to Mimi I’m giving this another shot.

Today I’m rocking my Valentine Week look. Hot pink on eight nails (Zoya’s ‘Katy’) and my accent nails are a pink glitter (Pure Ice’s ‘Spitfire’). Love this combo though when I bought the hot pink I envisioned as a pedicure only polish.

Next week I’ll be sure to take pics of my polish bottles as well.



So I decided to try a new fast-drying top coat to see if my love for Seche Vite is unfounded. It’s not.

Wednesday night I painted my nails – base coat them two costs of polish – and topped it all off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

Before we left for Thanksgiving dinner, my nails looked like this:


Unacceptable! Guess I’ll use it on my toes until it’s gone. The search for a better topcoat continues….

Just say no!


Wanna Bet?

I am not a gambling woman.  Well, okay, I will buy a lottery ticket if I’m rolling through a state where lottery tickets are sold.  Other than that?  Nah.  I work hard for my money.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the point of this post…

Two of my alma maters are playing each other for the SWAC Championship (football) on Saturday, December 8 in Birmingham and I am all kinds of excited!  So excited that I’ve decided to do a give-away that combines my love for my schools, my love for football, and my love for…nail polish of course!

So, here’s the deal – head over to the comments and tell me two things.  1)  Who do you think is going to win and 2) How many points do you think the winning team will score?  Whoever comes closest shall win a nail polish goody bag that centers around the winning team’s school colors.  So if UAPB (yes please!) wins the colors will be black/gold.  If JSU wins (nay I say!) the colors will be blue/white.  Got it?  Good.  If more than one person guesses (bets?) correctly, I’ll just run the correct entries through the random number generator.

Of course, the prize won’t be awarded until after the game, so you have until December 7 to enter.  And I’ll try to get your prize out before Valentine’s Day.  Just keeping it real…

Legal disclaimer:  Don’t trip, this is all in good fun.  Please don’t sue me over a couple of bottles of polish or any such nonsense.  This post is sponsored by moi and has nothing to do with any nail polish company, football team, or the SWAC organization.  I will only ship to the good old U.S. of A.  If your state secedes, all bets are off.  Mmkay?  Mmkay.