Drumroll please…introducing me.

My name is Nerd Girl and I’m a Libra.  I can’t believe people used to introduce themselves like that.  Anyhoo…

I am a 37 year old wife and mother – one count each.  I’ve got three younger brothers, 3 nieces, 1 nephew, a niece/nephew on the way, and two wonderfully nutty parents who’ve been married for 39 years (I think).

California born and bred, Arkansas educated, Mississippi’s been home for the last 11 years.

I met my hubby (aka Smoochy) in our college pharmacology class way back in 1993 when I was a mere lass of 21.  We dated for a long arse time and finally tied the knot in May, 1999.  We enjoyed life as a married couple for a long arse time and finally had our first and only kiddo (aka Lovegirl) in September 2004.

I wrangle 3rd year medical students for a living and have a nasty habit of going back to school when I get bored.  I just finished my 2nd master’s degree and am thinking about getting another one (MBA?) or biting the bullet and finding a PhD program somewhere to enroll in.

I’m a stan for Prince, find most old music quite delightful, and am thinking about learning how to dougie so that I can teach Lovegirl.

I stopped perming my hair when the kiddo was about 8 months old, locked it up maybe a year later and have loved nearly every moment of not having a head full of chemicals.  I am not, however, a natural hair nazi and there are times when I consider – ever so briefly – cutting my locs and straightening my ‘do.

I love to read, travel, and sleep.  Not necessarily in that order.  I love to laugh – if you can make me laugh, we’ll probably be cool for life.

I’m generally pretty laid back, but will act a fool over my sweet/sassy baby girl.

And I go to bed earlier than any grown woman should admit.  Speaking of which…good night!

I am

  • happy it is Friday
  • concerned about Lovegirl being exposed to and influenced by people and things I don’t necessarily agree with
  • continually amazed at what comes out of my kid’s mouth – no filters whatsoever
  • glad I bought Big Boi’s new album
  • probably going to have to cook and consume an actual meal in the very near future
  • so excited that I have less than a month left in school
  • looking forward to setting and accomplishing new goals
  • going to the black rodeo with Smoochy and Lovegirl on Saturday
  • bored with my job
  • proud of my re-organized and cleaned out closet
  • not so pleased with the grade I got on my case summary in law class
  • thankful that God favors me
  • amused at my Mother’s recounting of the vacation she’s currently on with her friend-girls
  • loving GAP and in disbelief that I slept on them for so long
  • already looking forward to fall
  • truly frightened at how…dense some of our future doctors are
  • wondering why I still haven’t done anything with my mad money
  • going back to the gym in August – because…
  • getting really soft and mushy
  • noticing that everyone’s blogging has slowed considerably
  • hoping it is temporary
  • disappointed in the current administration
  • hopeful for real change
  • in need of a new lipgloss/lipstick
  • wishing you all a happy and safe weekend – be well!

My Date With Senator Obama


3:00 – Left work, picked Lovegirl up, dropped her off at Ms. D’s and headed over to Jackson State.  Doors were scheduled to open at 5.

4:00 – Got to JSU, parked at a church on the corner of Lynch St., so I wouldn’t have to navigate those damn roundabouts when it was time to go.  Walked for a few minutes, was told by those “in the know” that I couldn’t take in any sort of bag.  Walked back to the car, emptied my very small purse, jammed stuff in my pockets, headed back.

4:15:  I’m in line, talking to folks, amazed at the sheer number of people lining the streets, waiting to get in.  People from every demographic category were represented.  I was inspired and uplifted by the crowd’s energy.  The line is slowly inching forward, indicating that doors have opened a little earlier than expected.

4:57:  I’m in!  After a brief delay at the metal detectors – I forgot to take my swiss army knife off my keychain – I was swept into the auditorium. Turns out I could’ve brought my purse – I’m slightly pissed because I left my camera behind, but oh well, that’s spilt milk. I find a seat in the nosebleed section and hunker down, waiting for the Senator to take the stage.

5:15:  A few people that I don’t recognize and can’t hear take the stage.  The loudspeaker is playing “I’ll Take You There.”  An older lady seated above me takes the music as her cue to get up and dance.  At first she was just doing a side to side rock – when the crowd starts noticing her, clapping, and making cat calls, she is encouraged and starts to -borrowing a phrase from my father-in-law here – “jook.”  I am amused and alarmed.  The lady next to me starts talking, and we have a wonderful conversation which continues through the rally, us exchanging telephone numbers, and onto Lynch street later that evening.

6:13 (or so – I don’t wear a watch – all of these times are guesstimates!) Senator Obama takes the stage after a prayer, a word from Congressman Bennie Thompson, and former Governor Ray Mabus. 

I confess –  I was a little underwhelmed.  Don’t get me wrong – I was happy to be there, thrilled at the likelihood of him winning Mississippi, and caught up in the moment.  But I also understood something my brother mentioned when we were discussing his experience in Houston.  My brother stated that going to the rally was kind of like class elections in the 8th grade where the kid who brings candy and promises no more classes is the one elected. 

“Health insurance for all!”  “Increased wages!”  “Equal educational opportunities!”  Etc., etc.

I think at this point in my life, I’m an optimistic cynic – I hope he wins, I hope change occurs, but I’m just not sure how many of his speaking points can be realistically implemented in the time frames he was referencing.

All in all, I’m glad I went.  He is still my choice for President.  And I am excitedly nervous to cast my ballot today. 

Barack the vote!