Sorry Ladies, He’s Taken…

Saturday evening – after spending 4 hours in the woods with 115 giggling screaming 1st and 2nd graders at a Girl Scout Princess Tea Party – I went to visit a friend and her new baby.  I was gone for about 4 hours.

When I came back I was greeted with:

I still don't like eggs. o_O









Old school - stacked TVs!








It’s a helluva man who secures both a big arse tv AND a flat of brown eggs in the time it takes to coo over a cute newborn baby.  I am truly living the life!

Also, here’s the recipe for the cheesy corn puffs I made last night.  I got the recipe from Food Network Magazine. I didn’t like them.  They were way too egg-y tasting for me.  Smoochy liked them, Lovegirl did not.  I forgot to take a picture of my finished product – though I will say that mine were very flat and not all puffed up and pretty like the ones in the magazine.  My oven is having temperature issues, and while I do think that affected the look of the puffs, I don’t think it had anything to do with the overwhelming egg flavor with which I was assaulted!!!  Yes, I realize this is not a glowing endorsement for the cheese puffs.  You may like them….

Here’s what they looked like all purty and glossed up for the magazine:







1 cup creamed corn
4 T unsalted butter
1 t salt
1 3/4 C all-purpose flour
3 large eggs
1/2 C shredded pepper jack cheese + extra
1 T chopped fresh chives (didn’t use these ’cause I didn’t have any)

1. Preheat oven to 400. Line 2 baking sheets (I used one) with parchment paper.

2.  Bring the corn, butter, and salt to a simmer in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Reduce heat to low. Add the flour and stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth and begins to pull away from the sides of the pan, about 2 minutes. (Um, yeah, as soon as I added the flour there was no stirring or pulling. The dough lumped up. I gave it a few stirs and called it quits.)

3.  Scrape the dough into a bowl, let cool slightly.  Add the eggs, one at a time, stirring well after each addition.  Stir in the cheese and chives.  Chill the dough 15 minutes.

4.  Scoop tablespoon-size mounds of dough onto the prepared baking sheets, about 2 inches apart.  Sprinkle with more cheese.  Transfer to the oven and bake until golden brown and puffy, 20 to 25 minutes.  Serve warm.

(I got about 12 puffs from this recipe – the recipe says it yields 24???)


Homecoming 2011

A few random thoughts from my short trip to the Bluff this weekend:

  • I’ll never skip the game again.
  • Who are these people?
  • Good googley moogley – everybody’s gained weight.  I have to squint to recognize folks.
  • New fitness goal: remain recognizable.
  • Next time Baboo da Que throws a party, skip it.
  • I am so glad I went to UAPB.
  • I am so glad I don’t live in Pine Bluff.
  • Why do people think this two-tone plastic helmet hair looks good?
  • Why do all these old men keep asking me to dance?
  • Being on the dance floor when “Freaky Tales” comes on is a mistake.
  • Did this chick just say I was sitting in her chair? Yeah, okay.
  • Aisha’s chicken is just as tasty now as it was when we were in school.
  • I think I’m going to invent myself a line dance.
  • Next year: get a room, stay two days, make Smoochy take a day off and join us!

I managed to take one picture. Of chicken. From Aisha’s. Don’t judge me!

Nom nom nom

Ten on Tuesday

  • Brrrrrr…’s cold out here.  Even though I feel like an old person when I discuss the weather, I’m going to do it anyway.  It is downright chill-ay!  I think it was 58 when I got up this morning and today’s high is only supposed to be in the low 70’s.  Fall?  Yes, please!
  • Tropical Storm Lee hit with a slow, slow vengeance.  It rained for 3 days.  I slept for 3 days.  ‘Twas marvelous!  Except for all of the flooding that occurred – we weren’t affected, but I know that others weren’t so fortunate.
  • You know who has no sense of urgency?  An almost 7 year old kid.  My child is slow as molasses in February.  S-L-O-W!
  • My hair looks ridiculous.  I guess I should’ve expected to look like S.hirley T.emple since I spent 2 days with pipe cleaner curlers in my head.
  • Speaking of pipe cleaners, I am shocked at how many people don’t know what they are.  People are forever asking me what I curl my hair with.  When I tell them pipe cleaners, a blank look takes over their face.  You wouldn’t believe how many times in a week I find myself saying “you know, the little fuzzy things that children do crafts with in Sunday School…they make little bug antennas with them…they come in lots of colors, about yea long….no?”
  • Did anybody watch the game last night (Miami v. Maryland)?  Maryland truly has some of the ugliest uniforms I’ve seen in a long time.  On the other hand, I love the Oregon’s uniforms – hot!
  • Who’s watching RHOBH this season?  I wasn’t going to, but tuned in last night anyway.  Well, I’d pretty much made up my mind to skip the madness, but then I saw the previews for the rest of the season.  I’m in!
  • In case you don’t know – I did one hundred mother freaking pushups yesterday!  One hunnit!  And I still have 5 more pushup workouts to go…
  • I made shepherd’s pie Sunday from a recipe I got at Jameil’s spot.  Smoochy loved it.  Lovegirl liked it.  Until she realized those were mashed potatoes on top.  She “doesn’t do” mashed potatoes.  I still haven’t had it, but it looks/smells good.  I’ll try it tonight.
  • Smoochy was supposed to spank Lovegirl when he made it home this weekend.   He said he’d been talking himself up for two days trying to get his mind right to spank her and that he’d decided he was going to just close his eyes and swing because he couldn’t bear to look. Totally didn’t happen.  #whodidimarry

Have a great day!!  Peace and blessings all around!

Monday Randoms

  • Good morning, good morning, good morning!
  • My weight?  Right back up to 171.4.  I managed to gain back every single ounce of the weight I lost week before last.  😦  But, I’m not surprised.  Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby’s, IHOP, and Ding How Chinese Bistro all in one week…yeah, all the exercising I did was no match for my crizzappy diet last week.  Back in the saddle I go!
  • Project clean-up-the-house continued this weekend.  I ran across a desk nameplate that Smoochy bought me to celebrate my second real job after college.  Sweet huh?  Except for the fact that he bought it about 8 months before we got married and it had my maiden name on it.  I really and truly thought the man was trying to call it off.  Yeah, I flipped.  Oops.
  • Babs, if you’re reading this?  I howled when I read your comment on “Incognegro!”  I mean howled!
  • Signed Lovegirl up for another session of swim lessons.  Figured we’d better strike while the iron is hot.  Her being in the pool is also a built in guarantee that I’ll be working it out consistently in the gym for the next two weeks.
  • Speaking of fitness, a friend and I are doing the 100 pushup challenge again.  Join us?  Today’s day 1 – no catching up required 🙂
  • I’m cleaning up/planning to decorate (for real this time) in anticipation of starting a PhD program next fall.
  • I have been soaking my locs in coconut oil nightly to try and bring them back to life.  They feel better, not great, but much better.  I’m going to a loctitian the first week of August to have them professionally tightened, styled, and maybe even dyed.  I think I’m tiring of the gray.
  • I was irate yesterday while trying to get my oil changed at the local WMart. The manager and I had a long discussion – well, I discussed, he listened – and I got a $25 gift card for expressing my concerns. Yay!
  • I’ve decided after all of the horrid news over the weekend, I’m back on a news-viewing strike.  Y’all let me know if anything major happens this week…
  • Oh, if you’re participating in our next book club, go ahead and try and get your book ASAP.  This one wasn’t available electronically as far as I could tell nor was it at the library or local bookstore (Borders…) so I had to order it from Amazon.  I hope it gets here soon!

That’s it for today – I’ve got work to do this week and I hope to take Friday off to do some back-to-school running around sans Lovegirl.

Babs?  This is for you 🙂

Smoochy and Lovegirl. In the flesh. Kinda...

Just Waking Up In the Morning, Gotta Thank God…

All right good peoples!  The other day we griped, we groaned, we whined – I hope everyone is feeling better and that the issues that were weighing you down earlier in the week have been resolved – or are on their way to resolution. Let’s go into the weekend with thankful hearts and grateful sprits.  I’m thankful for…

  • My future sister-in-law hipping me to “ring finger manicures.”  My ring fingers got a coat of copper glitter on top of my “Chocolate Moose” manicure – love it!
  • The “torcher” shaved ice I had yesterday – hot/cool cinnamon-y goodness!
  • Knocking out 1/2 of Lovegirl’s school supply list yesterday.
  • Being able to wear jeans today – it freakin’ rocks!
  • My iPhone.  Oh yeah, I love it.
  • Smoochy keeping me in a steady supply of watermelon this summer.  The one he bought yesterday is de.lic.ious.
  • My blog buddies – y’all are awesome. 
  • White nectarines.  Man oh man are they fantastic!!!  I can’t remember who mentioned them – KRock or MrsTDJ I think – but thank you ma’am!
  • God’s mercies – new every morning.  Every morning y’all!

Okay – gimme what you got! 


It All Boils Down To This

* It seems like there’s a whole lot of nothing and everything going on in my little world right now.
* I’ve been teaching the 2nd grade class at Vacation Bible School this week. Next year? I’m donning gloves and handing out hot dogs and chips! I kid, I kid. I’ve actually rather enjoyed working with the kiddos. But please don’t tell anyone. It’ll ruin whatever rep I have left!
* One little boy asked me how old I was. I asked him how old he thought I was. “You could be 20, you could be 60. You’ve got a lot of gray hair, so I can’t really tell.” o_O
* I didn’t pledge a thing in college. Didn’t pledge a thing grad chapter. But everytime I hear “A.tomic D.og?” I may or may not start to stroll like I pledged Que back in Spring ’90.  Just me?
* This is totally TMI, but I now fully understand why God sent one of the plagues He did to the Egyptians.  Straight misery.
* Have I mentioned lately how much I’m enjoying my new job?  In addition to working in the field of Bioethics which I’m over the moon about, my boss is awesome, I’ve already mentioned my office (yay!) and my favorite perk ever – we can wear jeans on Friday!  To quote my favorite kid, “booya!” 
* Have I also mentioned the frequency with which my old department is calling me?  I wish I were just a skosh meaner.  But, I’m trying not to completely burn heavily singed bridges!
* Thanks to KRock, my family Lovegirl is now demanding these little cheesy bits of goodness on a nightly basis.  So not happening, but they are really quick and easy and I’d definitely recommend trying them.  Added bonus:  I now have a mini muffin pan so I can bake cute little muffins, eat 6 of them and convince myself that’s not the same as eating one huge one 🙂
* Representative W.einer?  A dumbass.
* Looking forward to escaping to California’s more temperate climate and soon!  These 100 degree temps are no joke.  Thankfully we got rain last night and we’ve now cooled down to the 90’s.  Now watch – a heatwave will sweep Cali just in time for our trip.
* Lovegirl has really been lobbying hard for a DS, but I think I’m going to buy her a cheapo tablet instead – she’d be able to do so much more with it.  I’ve heard CVS has a decent one for $99.   Anybody have one that’s not an iPad?  Whaddya think?

That’s it.  I’ve got to get back to work.  Oh yeah, don’t forget we’re discussing Miss Black America on Monday.  It’s a really quick read.  I started it Monday and finished it yesterday on my lunch hour.  So get down on it if you haven’t already!  Have a great day!


So cute! So tasty! These are "overdone" according to the recipe. We couldn't tell...


Thursday Thoughts

  • Big thanks to everyone who participated in our first book club meeting.  I enjoyed the discussion and hope y’all did too.  I hope to post the info for our next book tomorrow.  If you didn’t get in on this one, we look forward to hearing from you next time.
  • Thanks also for asking about me after that lady hit me with her brand new 2011 car. 
  • I was reading about the abuse of exclamation points, and clearly, I am an offender.  I am going to try to finish out March – yes, I know it just started – without using a single exclamation point.  Wish me luck!.
  • Smoochy had me rolling.  He was on the phone with one of his friends and his friend was saying that the lady who hit me should be thanking God she hit me and not Smoochy – she lucked up and hit Honest Abe.  That if she’d rear ended Smoochy he would have been rolling around on the ground, hollering about being injured and immobile and too psychologically scarred to work for a while.  I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.
  • Every time I do an orientation for students I feel bad when I look at the one Indian person in class when I call the roll.  Should I be pretending I think the blonde headed boy is Chanchaldeep Naeem??
  • Tuesday Lovegirl asked me how babies “got in there.”  I told her the mom and dad had s.ex.  I figure I’ve got another day or two (at best) before she remembers to ask me what s.ex is.  What, if anything, did/will you tell your children when they ask? 
  • I have a wedding to go to on Saturday.  I am less than enthused about it.  Add the fact that it’s going to take me an hour and four million dollars in gas to get there and I’m almost p.o.’d.
  • I’m trying to find some signature dishes.  Something that I’m known for – one sweet and one savory.  So far the only thing Smoochy requests on a regular basis is baked spaghetti and Lovegirl is always hitting me up for…a grilled cheese sandwich.  This weekend I’m going to try some teacakes and see if they wow them.  Not that I’ve ever had a teacake – they may not wow me.  We’ll see.  Are you known for a particular dish?
  • Smoochy’s birthday is Sunday – I’m thinking I’m going to cook him a roast, some mashed potatoes and maybe bake him a strawberry cake.  He’s been doing pretty well watching his diet and I don’t think all of that deliciousness will cause him to fall off the wagon.  I’ll be spending the rest of the day looking for roast recipes.
  • I heard an interview with W.acka Fl.ocka this morning on R.ickey Sm.iley.  Ummm, I didn’t know the boy really sounded…slow.  I thought that was just his stage “presence.”   I couldn’t understand half of what he said.  Moving on.
  • Holla. 
  • Do you know much more emphatic that “holla” would’ve been with an exclamation point?  This is going to be a long month 🙂

Have a great day.