It’s Summertime in Hollis Queens…

About this post’s title….Yeah, I’m pretty confident that is NOT how the lyrics from the Run DMC classic “Christmas in Hollis” go. Blame Smoochy. He took it upon himself to rap – incorrectly – on the phone the other day and now I have these wrong lyrics stuck in my head -_-

So, for all intents and purposes it’s summer, summer, summertime. And the living is easy. See what I did there…

LG goes to a summer camp every day. There’s a new lady running it this year and she decided to tell us on Tuesday morning, as we were dropping kids off, that she’s changing the hours from 7a-6p to 7a-5p. Stop.The.Presses. What kind of nonsense would make you think that a camp, for children of working parents, should close at 5 p.m.? Don’t most people get off work at 5? I get off work at 4, but traffic is so crazy that most days I don’t sign LG out until 4:50, maybe 4:55. And if there’s an accident? All bets are off. I’m pretty sure her 7-5 policy isn’t going to last long.

The summer usually involves a lot of time in the pool, especially for LG. I am going to have her hair braided for ease. I am having the lady add fake hair to her braids so it’ll last. I swore I’d never put fake hair in my kid’s head. I lied.

I want my bedroom painted before summer’s over. And by “I want my bedroom painted…” I mean, I will be painting our room before the summer is over. Right now, I’m leaning heavily toward a dark gray color. But I could be swayed if something catches my eye while I’m perusing the paint chips.

We’re going to Virginia for a bit in June. I’m looking forward to it. I know we’ll do a day trip to DC (LG loves DC) but other than that, I hope to lay around and read a lot. There are three books I want to start/finish before I go back to school. I also need to read through an old statistics book to refresh my memory – oh, joy!

S.onic brought back it’s “summer of shakes,” so I’m once again trying to drink my way through the menu. But I’m also trying to lose weight, so I’m not really sure how this will all pan out. So far, I’ve had the salted caramel shake and the oreo caramel shake. I have not enjoyed or finished either one of them. Blech.

I give LG work for the summer. I print out a bunch of worksheets, put them in a notebook and every few days she has to complete one. I’m going to have her do a short book report for me this summer as well. She likes school, so I’m hoping this doesn’t feel like punishment for her. I need her skills to stay sharp so she can hit the ground running in August.

I never wear crop pants. Ever. I’ve always thought they cut me off and make me look funny. Bought a pair from Loft the other day, and I love them. If they’re still on sale, I’m going to get another pair. Never say never 🙂

What’re your plans for the summer? Travel, vacation, work, kids? What do your children do all summer? Do you have them do any sort of educational work over their 2 month break?




Fifteen Years, Two Pictures, Ten Randoms

15 years ago my Dad walked me down the aisle (okay, he walked me outside and down the patio)








We said I do.







And we have been since then!

  • Smoochy is a blessing in my life and I am so proud and happy to share my life with him.
  • I hope that God allows us many more happy anniversaries.
  • I’m so glad I broke up with a loser-faced-loser (copyright Psonya) in June of ’93. Otherwise I would not have been at all receptive when “that big guy who plays football” slid me a note in Pharmacology class in August. Okay, so I wasn’t really all that receptive. But it all worked out 🙂
  • I still can’t believe I married a football player (I did NOT date athletes) and moved to Mississippi.
  • I am thankful to my parents for providing an awesome example of marriage.
  • We are going to dinner this weekend (with LG) and out dancing next weekend (without LG) to celebrate. We don’t exchange gifts.
  • It’s not always easy, but for us, it’s always been worth it.
  • I think our first year of marriage was the hardest. Smoochy would probably say we haven’t had a hard year yet -_-
  • He makes me smile. He makes me laugh – especially when he sings, he knows the lyrics to approximately zero songs. He’s such a sweet man. Don’t tell him I called him sweet. But he is.
  • He is supportive, calm, and just an all around good guy.

Okay, I’m done.

Happy Thursday!






Yes, You Must

My coworker asked me into her office – she wanted my thoughts on a situation.

Her son is graduating high school in two weeks. Their church has a baccalaureate service/brunch for all high school graduates and they reached out to confirm that her son would be attending. Well, he doesn’t want to go, she explained that to the lady that called, and the lady asked for permission to call the son to see if she could persuade him to attend. She gave the woman permission to call, but told the woman she didn’t think it would do much good.

Coworker asked me what I thought. I told her I thought her son should attend. Great way to acknowledge the church’s role in his development and his graduation – along with others – sets a good example for younger kids in the church.

She’s of the mindset that he shouldn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. I kind of get that, but I think there are some things you do out of…obligation. I don’t know if there’s a better word than obligation, but since that’s what popped into my mind, I’m going to roll with it.

I don’t like showers of the wedding or baby type. But I go. I don’t like weddings. But I had one. And I attend them. Graduations are akin to torture in my eyes – I went to mine because, well, my Mama made me. And if I was given my druthers instead of always schlepping over to my SIL’s home for holiday family gatherings, I’d stay home and chill. But I go. And I go with (generally) a good attitude. Why? Because I feel like I should. Because my friends and family are celebrating. Because it’s the right thing – in my eyes – to do.  I’m big on autonomy and I’m all about teaching children to think for themselves. But there are some things I’m not convinced they should be able to opt out of.

What are your thoughts? Not just on this particular situation, but on kids, what they “should” or “should not” do? What are your children able to opt out of? What are absolutes? Were you allowed as a child to make decisions on what you would/wouldn’t attend? Is And back to this situation – would you make him go or not? I mean, he is getting ready to go off to college and will be able to do what he wants, when he wants and he’s got to learn how to navigate through this life…

Anyhoo, holler at me in the comments. I’d love to read y’alls perspectives.

Have a marvelous weekend!

It’s Monday. I’m Random

  • I got into grad school! Yay! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise (some say this refers to the Creek tribe of Native Americans and not just a random body of water. Who knew?!?) I’ll start classes toward my Doctorate in Public Health in August at Jackson State. I used to think I shouldn’t earn my doctorate from a HBCU, but you know what? Bump it! Pray for me y’all!
  • I’m a little worried about how my going back to school will affect LG’s extracurricular activities, but I’m moving forward in faith that it’ll all work out.
  • After no-buy March, I thought I’d ease back into building up my wardrobe. But the Loft has 50% off today, free shipping. So I ordered a few more things to try on. I’m sure they won’t all work. But if they do? I’m keeping it all.
  • Oh, you thought I was through? No. I also ordered a seersucker blazer and a pair of linen pants from another site. Now, if I can find one more maxi skirt I think I’m good. Probably.
  • LG brought home a C in math. Down from an A. Sigh. I didn’t freak out over it, but I did tell her that I expect her to do her best and I didn’t think a C was her best. We’re going to work toward pulling that joker up to a B by the end of the semester. They’ve got one month of school left. And her C is a 79. So surely this can happen. Right? Right. And if I get to reacquaint myself with the basics of Geometry all the better…
  • I’ve been in boot camp for the last 4 Saturdays. I am sore, stiff, and the same size I was when I started. Ugh. I’ve got to get a handle on my ridiculous snacking habits. Who leaves boot camp only to come home and eat a handful of oatmeal cookies? That would be me in case you weren’t paying attention.
  • I’ve vacillated between chopping my hair off and dyeing it and just letting it ride. But it’s too long. And irritating. So I’m going to make an appointment for a haircut and see if that changes the way I feel about my locs.
  • Operation Get the House in Order is back in full affect. Particularly now that I know I’m going back to school. All of the extra must go. All of it. I’ve no time or energy for it.
  • Of course, there are always exceptions to my minimalism. LG wants a bird. I told her I’d think about it. Smoochy took her to the pet store to look at them. Y’all know there will be a poor, trapped bird in our house soon, right? I’m gonna call it Maya. LG will probably name it Bob though – she’s named everything Bob lately. Strange child.
  • Did I ever report back to y’all that the mari.juan.a lady did not win the Jackson mayoral race? Well, she didn’t. I’m sure you’re as shocked to hear that as I was. Ha!
  • Okay, that’s it I think. What’s shaking in your world? Making moves? Life on an even keel? Read anything good lately? How’s the family?

I Aint Gon’ Do It!

Some time in mid-February I found myself, along with a couple of tweeters (and bloggers, now that I think about it), agreeing to a “no spend March.” That’s right. Outside of necessities, I wasn’t going to buy anything for the entire month of March. No random trips to Target to peruse the aisles, picking up a maxi skirt as long as I was there. No running into HomeGoods to buy another pack of velvet hangers. No “oh yeah, baby, these come in my size” shoe purchases on 6pm. Nothing. Except for a predetermined “cheat” of my choosing. I chose the two days I took off for LG’s Spring Break to be my cheat days. My cheat day purchases were movie tickets, museum admission and lunches.

Well, it’s April 2 and I’m here to report that I did it. Kinda.

A few days in, my phone charger died. And I wasn’t even about to pretend I was going a month without my cell phone. So I promptly ran out and bought a charger. But that’s all I bought. Did not look at clothes, did not feel up the purses, did not collect $200 or go to jail. Walked into TJMaxx, picked a charger, paid my $8 and vacated the premises.

Then, of course, a few days after that my phone started giving me “hey, how bout you erase some of this stuff or buy more storage” messages. So I went through the couple hundred (!!!) pictures that were just hanging around in my phone, picked the ones I wanted, had them developed, and deleted the rest.

To summarize, all I’ve purchased that wasn’t food/household items in the last 30+ days is a phone cord and pictures. Woot!

Before I took this challenge I’d swear up and down that I don’t shop a lot. And I don’t. Not really. But I am bad about window shopping when I have time to kill and often that would lead to me buying something. Nothing expensive or outrageous, but a $20 skirt here, a purse there, yet another bottle of nail polish…you get my drift.

So initially I didn’t think I got anything out of the challenge, but I have. (And our checking account balance is a little stronger for it.) I am going to be more even more deliberate in my purchases, I’m going to make lists of what I want/need and consider them for a few days before pulling the trigger on any purchases, no more wandering around stores to kill time before picking LG up, before Bible study, etc., and most importantly…I’m going to do laundry first. The other day I swore up and down I needed new blouses. Well, if I’d actually hung up some of the *insert ridiculous number here* baskets of clothes I’d washed, I’d have known that housework, not a new purchase, was in order.

I did make a list of some things I wanted while on the buy ban. On it? A new pair of ear buds (my good ones died, and for the last month I’ve been using a random pair from an airline – only the left ear works), 3 new, fresh white tanks for the summer, 1 maxi skirt, and two more packs of slim hangers to finish up my closet. That’s it. For now.

I’m going to buy the ear buds and hangers today. The rest I’ll get to. Eventually.


It’s Monday. I’m Random. And I Have Questions

  • Thanks for the feedback on LG, her money and the video game. She will be allowed to buy it. We’re going to move toward the envelope system for her. As soon as we go cash all her change in…
  • Started bootcamp on Saturday. Everything hurts.
  • The three of us went bowling with two other families Saturday night – much fun was had by all. And we have got to collectively be the world’s worst bowlers. Should I mention that we used the bumpers? No, no I should not.
  • Some dude at the bowling alley told us we were sitting at their table. Smoochy was glad nothing jumped off because – and I quote – “I don’t have on the right shoes to get down. Bowling shoes have no grip.” Sir. I’mma need me and LG’s honor not to be dependent on your footwear!
  • What kind of bras do you wear? Specifically under your tshirts? I wear tshirt bras, but the outline of my bra (under clingy tops) is still way more visible than I’d like. Any suggestions?
  • This pissed me off. A lot. Too rich for prison? Oh, okay. I swear color and money make all the difference in this world of ours. I see why folks lose their minds and just start shooting ish up. (Not that I’m going to – this is not a cry for help. Really.)
  • I still haven’t heard from JSU regarding my grad school application. I’m ready to hear a word – one way or the other – from them.
  • Lady at work was complaining to me about the fact that she’s topped out for her job title and can’t make any more money. Lady, I’m mad that you make more than me and you only have a high school diploma while I’m carrying around initials from two graduate degrees. I’m not the comfort you’re gonna need this go round – sorry. Not sorry.
  • So glad for this nice weather we’re having. The sun is shining, the temps are warm. Ahhh, bliss! Well, except for the swarm of bees that returns to our house every spring/summer and chills like they’ve got an all season pass. We thought we got rid of them last year. Drove up to the house from church yesterday and those jokers are back. I’m thinking we may need to remove a wall in the house to get rid of them -_-
  • Friday I thought, no joke, that I might be having a heart attack. I had this radiant pain all up and through my neck, shoulder and arm. So I did what anyone with good sense would do – called my mama on the way to the emergency room with my kid in tow. My mama promptly diagnosed gas. I got a Sprite. Turns out she was right. Thank God. But I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be using my mom as a diagnostic tool.

Anyhoo, I guess that’s it. I thought I had more questions. I probably do. But I’ve forgotten them. So, what’s up in your neck of the woods? All is well?