11 + 3…It’s Our Anniversary!

Happy 14th Anniversary to Brother Smooch and me!  🙂

Right before he walked me down the aisle out the patio doors, my father told me he thought I’d chosen well. I do so agree!

Through it all, I have been incredibly blessed to have my sweet, loving husband by my side. I pray that God continues to bless us and our marriage.



Nerd Girl Is…

…quite obviously conflicted.  Last night I downloaded 7 new songs to my MP3 player – 3 by gospel artists (Mary Mary and Martha Munizzi) and 4 by rap artists (Too Short and Tupac).

…ready for fall and fall clothes.  I need a few pair of pants and a pair of boots and I’m good.

…looking forward to hanging out with my parents, all three brothers, and my niece and nephew in October when we all head to Houston for my cousin’s wedding.  We haven’t all been together in about three years.

…so excited that UAPB has won two games so far this season!  We beat Langston (non-conference) and MS Valley (SWAC).  Hoping we can keep it up and have a winning season.

…not sure why so many people in the Jackson, MS area don’t know what to do when the traffic lights go out.  Did everybody miss the same question on the driver’s test?  4 way stop sign people ~ keep it moving!

…tired of going to eat for girl’s night out.  We need something else to do – stat!

…thinking (again) that dudes are usually so much easier to get along with than women.

…contemplating becoming a personal trainer.  I would like to get involved in our church’s health ministry~ but beyond health fairs and blood drives.  I’m thinking free exercise classes once or twice a week.

…going to try to post every day this week.

…so glad you stopped by!  What “are” you today???