You Gon’ Eat Yo Cornbread?

Confession:  I just watched “Life” for the first time last weekend.  HIlarity!  Moving on…

With two weeks of fasting under my belt – and one week to go – I have come to a horrifying realization.

I, Nerd Girl, eat a lot of crap.

Now my meals? Well balanced – more plant than animal, appropriate serving sizes and all that jazz.  I don’t fry anything I cook.  I’m not big on soda or juice, water is my drink of choice.  But oh, I can snack!

Usually I buy the same stash of snacks weekly at the grocery store – pretzels, Doritos, sandwich creme cookies, goldfish, Triscuits.  I thought between Lovegirl’s snacks and lunches she was consuming all of the snacks.  Um, no.

We have had the same bags of Doritos, goldfish and pretzels for two weeks.  The cookie container?  Nearly full.  Smoochy doesn’t snack at all.  That means either someone is breaking in in the middle of the night gorging themselves on snack food…or it’s me.

No wonder my thighs currently need their own ZIP code.  I’m not sure how I wasn’t aware of this before, but I really wasn’t.

As I prepare to come off of this fast, I’ve got to somehow figure out a way to enjoy my favorite snacks – but definitely in moderation.  Any tips? Tricks? Clues?  I was thinking of eating clean Sunday – Friday and going “wild” on Saturdays. Anybody done this??

(I’m down 6 pounds which thrills me to no end.  I’d like to drop another 7 and then tone and maintain)

NOTW: OPI's "Not Like The Movies" This is one of those color changing polishes - it photographs silver, but on my nails it's a silvery purple and sometimes a silvery green. Its okay, not a fave.



One of the first books I read this year was what I consider a “throwaway book.”  Something I grabbed off the “recommended by” shelf at the library.  Nothing I’d set out to read, just something to pass the time.  The books was “Swapping Lives” and as you might imagine it was about two women who trade lives – the harried, married mother in America switches lives with the fabulous and free single lady in London.

Even though the book was relatively predictable, it was a good fun read and it got me to thinking – if I could switch lives with anyone, what would I want my switched life to look like?

I’d live in a bigger city (preferably one with good public transportation), I’d work a job that was more oriented toward helping people improve their lives, I’d take in fantastic cultural offerings, I’d eat Thai food on a regular basis, I’d work out more, I’d cook fantastic meals, I’d spend more time outside, and I’d have a fabulously clean and organized home.

Yeah.  Except for the city living and fantastic cultural offerings,  I can do all of that right here and right now. So I’m going to stop waiting for what I think “perfection” is and deal with what I can in my present circumstances.

What would your switched life look like?   Anything you can implement in the here and now?

NOTW: "Artist's Inspiration" by Finger Paints. Not my usual type of color, but I like it.

(Mostly) Angry Blah Woman Randoms

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions regarding washing/detangling/styling LG’s hair.  I will definitely be washing it in braids from here out!
  • I cannot believe R.ick S.antorum is crazy enough to think that the public is crazy enough to think he actually said “blah” people and not black people. Sir, you are definitely a contender for O_o award of 2012 – and we’re only 10 days into the year.
  • I am about halfway through the Henrietta Lacks story.  I don’t know why I am continually amazed at how people in power abuse and profit off those with less power.  But I am.  Geez.
  • The Steelers are out of the playoffs. Now I’ve got to find a team to root for the rest of the season.  Definitely won’t be the Saints!!!
  • And I’m glad LSU got rolled last night!  Yeah, I’m not really down with the Louisiana teams…
  • I came to the realization yesterday (yep, I’m a little slow) that the way I’m eating while on this fast is how I should be eating the majority of the time.  Duh!  Definitely working on incorporating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains into our diet.  Even LG said last night’s vegetable soup was tasty.
  • My crockpot is working overtime.  I’ve put something in it every night for the last couple of nights and I wake up to a nice lunch/dinner for the day.
  • Seriously???  Slave-centered math questions???
  • I need a new soup recipe.  Anybody made anything fabulous lately?  Think I shall spend the afternoon trying to find something appealing.
  • Just found out our previous governor pardoned 8 killers during his two terms in office.  The law that allows governors to do this should be repealed.  That’s all kinds of ridiculous.
  • I finally made something from Pinterest.

Behold! My paper clip bookmark. You know you're impressed!

Okay, so maybe the first picture didn't impress you. But now that you see it in action, you're impressed. Right? Riiiiight.

NOTW: OPI's "How You Blue-In" I love this color! It's a little more teal IRL, but I'm finding it hard to accurately shoot these polishes...

Happy New Year!

How were your Christmas/New Year’s holidays?  Did you get everything you wanted?  Were the gifts that you gave hits?  Did you party like a rock star and bring the new year in with a bang or were you sleep before 10 (ahem!)?

We had a good break that consisted primarily of us alternating between lazing around all day in our pajamas or cleaning and organizing like maniacs!  This was the first Christmas we’ve spent at home – I’ve got to remember to plan a few more “fun days” if we don’t travel next year – this break felt like an extended weekend or something.  Lovegirl was an absolute joy to watch on Christmas morning.  She was thrilled and appreciative for every gift.  She got the major side-eye for asking if we could hit after Christmas sales to get her more stuff.  No ma’am! New Year’s?  I was sleep – which I’m sure you already figured out…

Did you make any resolutions?  I did. Wanna hear read them?

In 2012 I will:

  • Work on greatly reducing the amount I curse.  I truly want the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart to be acceptable to God.  Can’t do that with a minor potty mouth…
  • Not buy any new nail polish.  Giving up cursing may be easier.  Seriously.  (I am allowed to buy base/top coats)
  • Do a year-long devotional.  I’m using my YouVersion Bible app for this one.
  • Save X amount of money.  I made a mistake last year that wiped out my poor little savings account.  Boo.  But I’m still living and still employed, so build it back up I shall.

That’s it!  Whatcha got?

*TM, I’ll post about LG’s hair tomorrow – I figured today would be pretty full for you*

Sorry about the orientation of this pic, I tried to turn it about thirty leven times!

These are a couple of the notes LG left around the house for Santa. The one on the left is directing Santa to take the reindeer food to the reindeers (she didn't want to sprinkle it outside) and the other admonishes him to take Mrs. Claus some cookies...

I think I’m going to post each week’s manicure color just because.  Excuse the sloppy manicure.  I was sleepy.  Yeah, that’s it.  I was sleepy 🙂

Nail of the week (NOTW): A purple creme that was part of my Secret Santa stash. No clue the name.