This Right Here? May Be the Death of Me.

Okay, math is not my favorite subject. Never has been. But I figured I could at least hold LG down until 6th grade . 7th if they don’t start with that x-axis/y-axis foolishness. Anyhoo.

Last night LG asks me to help her with her math ’cause she’s not understanding it. They’re working on double digit subtraction. I got this! Except I don’t. Because of course, the way we learned to subtract way back in the last century? Not good enough for these children of the new millennium.

I have worked with LG (A little. Please remember, I hate math. Though I am trying not to pass that hatred on to her) on basic mathematics functions. And I taught her the way I’d been taught. I should’ve known better.

Exhibit A

Old School












Exhibit B

New School













And the Side-eye Award Goes To…Me. O_o

So last night?  Yeah, I couldn’t find my way home.  Let that sink in for a moment.

I picked LG up from school at 5:00 which means we should be walking in our home at 5:05, 5:03 if the two lights between the school and the house are working in our favor.

I take our normal route only to discover that a portion of the street that runs behind our home is blocked off and I cannot turn into our subdivision.  No problem – I’ll just go back up a street and come out on another portion of the street.  Except…apparently there is no street that I can access to get where I need to go.  How do I know?  Because I spent a good 30 minutes turning up one street and down another trying to get home.  You know – the home we’ve lived in for 9 years.  Yeah, that one.

I called Smoochy and told him I couldn’t get home.  He thought the car had run hot again.  Nope.  Then that dude asked me if I was having some sort of menopausal mind lapse.  Sir!  I certainly am not.  I just can’t find a through street.  I told him forget it, I’d go around the neighborhood and come in through the back.  So 36 minutes later LG and I finally walked into our blessed house.  I was spent.  And felt really ridiculous for having such a hard time getting home.

This morning I was talking to a dad who lives behind us and guess what?  He – and a number of his neighbors – had done the same thing.  Apparently there used to me a through street (I knew it!!!) but access was closed a few years ago and now there really are only two ways into and out of our area.  Except for right now, there’s only one way in and out thanks to whatever the heck they’re doing to the street.  I fully expect it to be paved with gold for all of the hassle I encountered last night.

In case you are a visual learner, I took a few moment to sketch out my experience last night.  You’re welcome.



Today is Monday, August 20.  According to my records we’re supposed to discuss “The Grace of Silence” today.  Um, I haven’t finished it.  And by finished, I mean I haven’t started it.  Let’s reconvene on Tuesday, September 4.  Cool?  Cool.

Speaking of oops, what is wrong with this man???  Apparently this man, who is running for Senate has opened his mouth and inserted not only his foot, but several other feet that were laying around nearby.  Genius – who opposes abortion no matter what – said that the female body “shuts down” to prevent pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.”

What in the what is he talking about??? Now let me say, I believe in a woman’s right to obtain a safe, legal abortion.  Whether or not anyone agrees with me is not the point.  I don’t care if one’s stance is that abortion should be illegal.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But if you’re against abortion, just say “I am anti-abortion.”  Do not spout off b.s. scientific “facts” like a woman’s body shuts down to prevent pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape.  What quack-ass doctor told him that?  What the hell is legitimate rape?  I cannot fathom that there are people with normal levels of intelligence walking around – much less holding office – who believe such nonsense.  I really cannot.

Is this the Republican stance in a nutshell?  “So, let’s make abortion – in any case illegal.  Let’s force women to carry out unwanted pregnancies.  Let’s then deny them any sort of help – financial or medical – while they’re carrying these pregnancies to term.  And, to wrap it all up, let’s not provide any sort of services or support for the women or their children once they’re born.  Because that’s what God would have us do.”  Am I missing something?!?!?

Geez, it’s time for yet another news boycott.  I can’t handle hearing this madness day in and day out until November.

And The Award Goes To…






Welcome to Nerd Girl’s 1st (annual, bi-annual, weekly?) Side-Eye Award Ceremony.

This go-round? We’ve got three awardees:

  • Penn State University.  I’m not a lawyer, don’t pretend to be one.  The only thing I remember from my two law classes?  Quid pro quo.  And that’s just because I like the way it sounds.  Anyhoo…I don’t know what the law says the administration, coaches, grad assistants should’ve done concerning the Sa.ndusky abuse allegations, but I do do know that common sense and moral decency should’ve sent one, some, most, all of them running to the police.  I pray to God above that if anyone I know ever sees a child being abused they won’t just tell their boss and walk away.
  • R.ick P.erry.  Did y’all watch the debate?  Sir, save yourself and your supporters time, money, and dignity.  Drop out now.
  • E.ddie M.urphy. This dude decided not to host the Oscars because his friend /director got in trouble for using a gay slur. Oh, okay.

Who else should receive a side-eye this go ’round?  Anybody/thing rubbing you the wrong way right about now??

My Heart Is Full

1.  The Personhood Amendment did not pass! As a rape survivor, as a woman, as a mother to a girl-child I am over the moon with joy that our choices as it relates to our reproductive rights are still intact in the state of Mississippi.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on this controversial movement – I’m just ecstatic that more people agreed with me than the opposing side last night!  Hell, I might start taking birth control pills just because I can!!!

2.  Heavy D died yesterday.  I remember when people my parents grew up listening to would die and how shocked and distraught they’d seem.  I never thought it was that big a deal – these were “old” people after all.  Well, now someone that I grew up listening to and admiring is gone at the age of 44 and I know exactly how they felt.  I’ve always like Heavy’s music – fun, positive joints that got and kept you on the dance floor.  I loved watching him on TV – particularly on Living Single, and I appreciated his guest appearances on other artists’ songs – especially Janet Jackson’s “Alright!” Diddly diddly dee indeed.  RIP.

I Can’t Breathe

Okay, I’m being a bit – just a bit – melodramatic.  I can breathe just fine.

Today’s the day.  Mississippians will vote for a new Governor, Lt. Governor and on three initiatives.  The BIG one for me being 26 – The Personhood Amendment.

I promise I’ll stop blogging about this (fingers crossed behind my back) but I just really, really hope that this thing does not pass.

I cannot imagine living in a state where certain birth control options (pills and the IUD) are illegal.  Where the morning after pill is not available to rape or incest victims.  Where the life of the mother is irrelevant.  Where women’s options as it pertains to their bodies, their lives are gone.

Somebody call me in the morning and let me know how things turned out – if I watch the returns I’ll probably stroke out.


Have you heard about the personhood movement?  Basically anti-abortionists are moving to change state constitutions to redefine “personhood” so that any fertilized egg – regardless of when/how/where the egg was fertilized is considered a person with rights under the law.  And Mississippi will apparently have this measure on the ballot in November.

I am well aware of the old adage that it is not polite to discuss politics or religion.  I’m about to discuss both.

It really pisses me off when people decide they want to legally mandate what a woman can and cannot do with her body as it relates to reproduction.  Particularly when they are not going to provide any assistance or resources one way or the other.

Let’s take 17 year old Nerd Girl for example.  I was raped by someone (dude was never caught) my sophomore year of college.  Now, I’ve thanked God many, many, many times over that I did not contract any diseases or become pregnant as a result.  But what if I had gotten pregnant?

If I’d kept the baby – as the personhood people would like to mandate – I would’ve been a 17 year old, uneducated, black, single mother.  I am hard pressed to believe that any of the people lobbying so hard against abortion would’ve opened their arms, hearts and homes to adopt the child they demand I not abort. I also find it hard to believe that they would’ve provided me with any of the resources necessary to raise a child.  Because you know, don’t have the baby if you can’t feed the baby.

I’m a Christian.  And I can’t say for sure what I would’ve done had I found myself pregnant, but I’m almost certain I would’ve terminated the pregnancy.  And I’m pretty sure God would’ve forgiven me.

I know that this will be presented to voters as anti-abortion legislation.  And that will appeal to the majority of voters in this conservative, primarily Republican state.  But.  What many people don’t realize (and yes, I’m going to find a way to actively campaign against this measure) is that the consequences will reach far beyond a woman’s ability to “just” have an abortion at will.  Ectopic pregnancy?  Too bad.  That’s a person in your fallopian tube – you cannot terminate.  And yeah, untreated ectopic pregnancies can lead to maternal death.  Infertile?  Too bad.  IVFs would most likely not be done anymore because destroying any embryos that weren’t implanted or selectively reducing the embryos would be considered murder.  11 year old girl molested and pregnant?  Too bad.  The scenarios go on and on.

This kind of stuff is just bullshit to me.  Pardon my french.  These people claim to want smaller government.  They say that government is too big and has too much authority.  Yet they want to climb all up in women’s uteruses (uteri, I think) and legislate that most personal of space.  Get the hell out.  Literally and figuratively.

I’m not really sure what I can do within the confines of my job – as a state employee who works in bioethics – but I just cannot keep silent on this one.

August Book Club & Other Stuff

  • Anybody out there ready for another book club discussion?  If so, join us as we read and discuss Tananarive Due’s My Soul To Keep.  We’ll discuss on August 15.  Cool?  Cool.
  • If there’s something you want to read and discuss next, just let me know.
  • Did y’all see Serena’s assets at the Espy Awards?  Oh my damn.
  • Lovegirl finally got to start her swim lessons last night.  Evening thunderstorms resulted in her M, T, and W lessons being cancelled.  My little guppy was so excited to be in the water!  She even got over not wanting to get her face wet – we’re making strides!
  • Thank you Lord for swim caps.
  • I worked out at the gym three times this week and plan to get in another workout before the weekend is over.  I hope to see a difference on the scale – no matter how small.
  • Today I get my first bi-weekly paycheck.  I’d really, really like to go back to being paid once a month.  This 1/2 check madness aint hitting on…well, you know.
  • I’m ready for football.  NFL can act a fool as long as there are still college games I’m good!  I think we’re going to get JSU season tickets this year.
  • This whole debt-ceiling thing is really, really working my nerves.  I’d like to go to D.C. and do a clean sweep of the House and the Senate.  Democrat, Independent, Republican – they all suck.

Okay, that’s it.  I hope y’all have a great weekend.  I plan on doing a whole lotta nada.  Operation “get my hair back soft” is in full effect – I’m trying the Carol’s Daughter stuff One From Philly suggested in the comments a few weeks back – hope it works!

One more thing – y’all like these shoes?  Yea or nay?

Yea? Nay? What do you say?

Grouchy Arse Randoms

  • Ugh!  Why are all these children on the radio singing about s.ex and how they throw down???  Either we’re doing it wrong, or they’re lying.  They’re lying.
  • I don’t want to hear another thing about the A.nthony verdict.  Nada.
  • Guess what we’re having tomorrow at work?  A potluck.  Sigh.  Don’t these people read the blog?
  • Lovegirl has been one whiny, complaining chick lately.  My Mom says it’s because I give her too many choices.  Well, damn.  I thought I was teaching her how to make decisions.  Time to revisit that parenting strategy.
  • My locs are dry.  Dry and crunchy.  I’ve taken to misting them daily with water, then oil, then water in the hopes that they’ll maintain some moisture and soften up. 

Okay, I promised myself five gripes and then I’d quit, so I’m done.  Anything you want to whine, gripe, or grouse about?  Today’s your day…let it out!