Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


Except really?  Today it’s all thumbs up.  🙂

Yay to:

  • My mama!  She has graciously offered to use her cc points to buy Lovegirl a ticket to Cali for Christmas break.  Which means I’ll only have to sell one kidney to buy my ticket.  Christmas in the CA – woot woot!
  • Essie nail polish – Blushing Bride.  So not a color at all.  Takes my manicures up a notch and is the perfect “color” for work.  I go wild with my pedicures.  My manicures?  Not so much.
  • Football season.  I love it.  I love the game, I love half-time, the spirit of the crowd.  Printed out the schedules today to see which games I’m going to catch this year.  I’m thinking UAPB v JSU in Pine Bluff and JSU v Southern in Jackson.  Lions and Tigers and Raiders, oh my!  Who are you rooting for???
  • Short work days.  To the Head Doc In Charge who decided we could leave at 2 today?  Mwah!
  • Smoochy.  When I hear about the mess some husbands put their wives through, I appreciate my laid back husband all the more.
  • A boss who lets/helps me break the rules by buying me a space heater for my cubicle.  Ah warmth!
  • My weight loss.  I still haven’t weighed myself, but I can tell that getting back in the gym and watching what I eat is already paying off – my clothes are loosening up a bit.

Have a fantabulous weekend!


Day 13 ~ This Week ~ Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up:  Lovegirl started Kindergarten at her new school and is absolutely loving it.

Thumbs down:  On Monday they sent my child home on the bus – to an empty house – when she was supposed to be in the afterschool program.  Thank God the bus driver waited and took her back to school.  Um, yeah.  Those 5 gazillion forms where I wrote “afterschool program” should’ve been a clue for someone…

Thumbs down:  Our downstairs air conditioning unit died last night.

Thumbs up:  Our home warranty plan will cover all but $75 of all associated costs – including a new unit which is pretty much what we’re going to need. 

Thumbs up:  Re-establishing friendships on Facebook.

Thumbs down:  Friend requests from people I don’t recognize at all.  Who are these people???

Thumbs up:  My new work schedule – 730-4.  Damn Darn an hour lunch – I’d much rather leave work/get home early.  Besides, if I take an occasional hour, two hour lunch – no one cares.

Thumbs down:  Lovegirl’s request that I stop picking her up so early (430) – she loves her afterschool program and wants to stay longer.  Which means I can run errands and chillax before I pick her up.  Which means I have bought something nearly every day this week 😦

Thumbs up:  Our pastor’s teaching on the power of words.  I have really been trying to monitor what I say (see crossed out “damn” above as an example!), how I say things, and what I listen to.  I am really enjoying this series, both in church and at Bible study.

Thumbs down:  I have an unabashed love for rap music.  Not necessarily the most positive genre there is….

Thumbs up:  To you!  Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting.  I appreciate it.  Have a great weekend!

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up:  Health care for all!

Thumbs down:  Hatred, rudeness and mockery.  Learn how to disagree civilly.  Or be quiet.

Thumbs up:  Beautiful spring weather on Friday.

Thumbs down:  Snow and freezing temps on Sunday.

Thumbs up:  The series “Life” on D.iscovery.

Thumbs down:  Oprah’s narration.  Bring back the dude from National of Omaha….yeah, I know I dated myself with that one.

Thumbs up:  All of y’all for your kind comments about my sweet girl and her wardrobe choices!

Thumbs down:  My Mama for sending more headbands with which Lovegirl can jazz up her outfits.

Thumbs up:  All things good and positive that are in store for the week ahead.

Thumbs down:  People or circumstances that attempt to block the joy, happiness, and peacefulness of others.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up to:   C.O. B.igelow Lemon Lip Balm, family movie nights, nieces who think I am the bees-knees, Smoochy being home for 3 whole days, safe travel for friends and family over the last few weeks, black eyed peas, meeting Gladys and Abe over dinner last week – good people I tell ya, my netbook, scoring a white button down shirt for $5, olive oil, less procrastination, a paid off car, and cranberry/black cherry juice.

Thumbs down to:   maniacal drivers, the movie S.even P.ounds, wordpress not letting me upload any pictures – aargh!, freezing temps, class every night for the next two weeks, homeowner’s dues, coworkers trying to bombard me when I walk in the door – let me put my purse down first!, super dry cuticles, and MJB for slapping the snot out of her hubby.

Thumbs up/Thumbs down


Thumbs down:   The ladies at the gym who are wearing loose shorts.  Specifically those of  y’all who take the toning class with me and are exposing your . . . ahem . . . when we do floor work because your shorts are too loose.  Please either change to workout capris/pants or do us all a favor and wear biking shorts under your loose shorts.  Do you have any idea how jarring it is to look up from doing my outer thigh work and find myself  with a very close up view of your scantily clad, or even worse, bare nether regions?

Thumbs up:  To me.  Last night I addressed all of my Christmas cards and wrote out those that will not include a picture of Lovegirl.  Tonight I’ll finish the rest and get them in the mail tomorrow morning.

Thumbs down:  To me.  I’ve been really bad about replying to comments I’ve gotten on this site lately.  For that, I apologize.  I do read them all, I’ve just been coasting along on trifling for a minute y’all.  My bad.

Thumbs up:  To the ladies who host the Mingle ’til Ya Jingle party here in Jxn every Christmas season.  It’s a great time and a (rare) opportunity for me/us to get dressed up, go dancing, and not worry about being approached by random anybodies.  The crowd is mature, mostly married, and fun!  If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check it out!

Thumbs up:  To the weather!  We’re expecting temperatures around 80 for the weekend.  Don’t hate.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  In addition to the party, weekend plans include taking Lovegirl to a Christmas Parade tonight, and going through a local park that decorates with lots of lights/sculptures and has train rides, pics w/Santa, etc.

Be well.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


Thumbs Up:  All veterans. Rarely do I agree with our country’s decision to go to war, I am however, always, always supportive of those men and women who fight for this country. Happy Belated Veteran’s Day.

Neutral Thumbs:  Lovegirl has been walking around the house lately muttering “you will learn to be obedient, you will learn to obey.”  Okay – I give.  “Honey, who told you that?”  “Ms. M.”  “Are you being obedient at school?”  “No Mama, I’m not.”  Thumbs up for your honesty, thumbs down for the blatant disobedience! We’re working on this – trust.

Thumbs Down:  Louisiana Representative Carla B. Dartez (D) for referring to one of her campaign workers as Buckwheat – “Talk to you later, Buckwheat.”  Come on lady, what portion of your brain is so heavily damaged and nonfunctional that you thought/hoped/assumed that was anything close to right?  Buckwheat?!?  Lawdamercy.

Thumbs Up:  University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff beat Southern University this Saturday 23/21.  Go Mighty Lions!  It’s been a tough season, and I’m glad that we reigned victorious over the Jags.  Have I mentioned how glad I am that I attended and graduated from a HBCU?  I love HBCU – particularly SWAC – football!