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An Open Letter

Dear Mother Nature —

I don’t mean to complain, but remember that FALL weather that I was so eagerly anticipating? Where is it? I’ve watched the weather channel, I’ve heard of predictions of cold fronts, I’ve lovingly polished my boots, I’ve stocked up on tea, and I bought a new sweater. Heck, I even bought more generic groceries than usual (and I didn’t think that was possible) just so I’d have a few extra bucks to indulge in a Rainy Day Latte from the Seattle Drip Coffee kiosk.

However, it is still 80 degrees outside.

Dear, dear Mother Nature – have we had a failure to communicate? It’s October. Summer is officially gone, and the State Fair likewise. We’re more than halfway through the college football season (for my alma mater anyway – we rarely if ever make the playoffs) and yet it is still darn near summer outside. What’s up with that? Now please, understand, I know that you function in your own time and believe me I’m not really questioning your holding Fall hostage and there’s no need to send another Katrina our way just to prove that’re you’re the boss. I’m just saying . . .

Anyhoo, I’m eagerly anticipating the Fall’s arrival, so whenever you see fit, please go ahead and send her this way. I’m not in any hurry for Winter, so feel free to keep him with you a little longer than usual.

Sincerely Yours —

Nerd Girl


5 thoughts on “An Open Letter

  1. i hear ya on the cooler weather. it doesn’t take much for it to feel cool in texas though. i do feel like we’re all drowning this week with the abundance of rain and all. but i guess we need it after the summer we had.

    here’s to cooler weather!

  2. M & Y — I know that the cooler temps I’m desiring are right around the corner . . . and of course I’ll probably be lamenting the true end of summer 🙂

  3. Uhhhhh, yeah. I think we got a double-dose of fall up here…it’s more like winter than autumm. I’ll gladly ship you some fallen leaves and throw in some snow at no extra charge.

  4. TKW — Yes please on the leaves. H-E-double-hockey-sticks NO on the snow! Unless of course you’re willing to take this big-a dog off my hands. In which case, you’ve definitely got a deal.

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