Best weekend ever!

Okay, so maybe not the best weekend ever, but still pretty amazing!

Do I even have to tell you that UAPB beat JSU to win the 2012 SWAC Championship? (Hush DiscoDiva & KRock!) Well, we did!! And what a game it was. JSU came to play and for most of the game I was pretty sure they were going to win. And so were they. Late in the 4th quarter our QB connected with a receiver for a 95 yard pass that tied up the game. About 15 seconds before that? The JSU side was partying! They were playing “The Show,” chanting “ayyyyyy…you talking out the side of ya neck” and their blue and white pompoms were all a-flutter. We shut that ish down! In OT it was obvious that momentum was on our side and even though we were first and goal and couldn’t run the ball in to save our lives o_o we made the field goal and the final score was 24-21 giving UAPB (and me!) bragging rights for the next year and making your girl all kinds of happy!

Smoochy, LG and I rolled back to Jackson that night and while LG was in the backseat watching Netflix on my phone, Smoochy and I were up front reminiscing. We listened to Tracy Chapman, sang along with Al Green, and yelled “shut up!” along with Trick Daddy. We had a ball.



Look who I met – it’s Adrienne! We didn’t do much beyond hug necks and take a picture, but it was great to spend a few moments together.  Hoping we’ll be able to hang a little more in the future. (Why are my glasses so crooked???)


And lookie here – It’s Dr. Fitzpatrick!  Fitz is the reason that I know so very much about photosynthesis and eukaryotes…or used to anyhow 🙂  He taught both Botany and Microbiology on The Yard.  He’s retired from teaching but told me that he’s recently returned as the Director of Research.  One of my favorite teachers ever!


And my brother showed up!  This dude never misses an opportunity to get together and hang out with his friends and his frat whenever, wherever.  Did I know he was going to Birmingham?  Nope, but I sure was glad to see him there!


And my favorite husband!  Smoochy swears that his lucky cap/Superman shirt combo is the reason UAPB was victorious and really, since we won, who am I to argue?  Love that dude!

And last, but certainly not least, I have a prize to award…ThoughtsOfSouthernGal guessed that the final score would be 24-17 UAPB so she wins! Congratulations lady! Okay, my Mama guessed the same score, but relatives of the corporation were not allowed to enter the contest. Rules are rules 🙂

Was your weekend wonderful too?



Wanna Bet?

I am not a gambling woman.  Well, okay, I will buy a lottery ticket if I’m rolling through a state where lottery tickets are sold.  Other than that?  Nah.  I work hard for my money.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the point of this post…

Two of my alma maters are playing each other for the SWAC Championship (football) on Saturday, December 8 in Birmingham and I am all kinds of excited!  So excited that I’ve decided to do a give-away that combines my love for my schools, my love for football, and my love for…nail polish of course!

So, here’s the deal – head over to the comments and tell me two things.  1)  Who do you think is going to win and 2) How many points do you think the winning team will score?  Whoever comes closest shall win a nail polish goody bag that centers around the winning team’s school colors.  So if UAPB (yes please!) wins the colors will be black/gold.  If JSU wins (nay I say!) the colors will be blue/white.  Got it?  Good.  If more than one person guesses (bets?) correctly, I’ll just run the correct entries through the random number generator.

Of course, the prize won’t be awarded until after the game, so you have until December 7 to enter.  And I’ll try to get your prize out before Valentine’s Day.  Just keeping it real…

Legal disclaimer:  Don’t trip, this is all in good fun.  Please don’t sue me over a couple of bottles of polish or any such nonsense.  This post is sponsored by moi and has nothing to do with any nail polish company, football team, or the SWAC organization.  I will only ship to the good old U.S. of A.  If your state secedes, all bets are off.  Mmkay?  Mmkay.

Joyful Program Note!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled happy blogging this week to bring you…more happy!

If you are a fan of GAP blue jeans – as I am – they are 40% off until Wednesday if you bring in an old pair of jeans.  Woot woot!  Though my shopping ban is now official, I figured I’d pass on this great news to you.

See, I don’t make this stuff up!  http://www.gap.com/

You’re welcome!

Cheap, Ahem…Inexpensive Gift Idea

If you don’t know now you know….

A.mazon. com is having a wonderful sale on magazine subscriptions.  Some can be had for as little as $5 – R.eal Simple, S.outhern Living, C.osmo – while others are $5 or $10 off at checkout.

You might think a magazine subscription is a cheesy gift, but I beg to differ.  My Mom has gifted me with a subscription to R.eal Simple for the last several years and I love it!  I am thrilled when my favorite magazine arrives every month and look forward to spending hours flipping through the pages.  I honestly cannot remember what else she got me last year, but I remember – and appreciate – my subscription to RS.

I got my youngest brother the news/NPR/current events junkie a subscription to T.ime.  I’m thinking Smoochy’s sister might come up on a R.eal Simple subscription of her own since she’s always trying to borrow mine.  And my don’t-need-another-single-thing parents?  Probably T.ravel + Leisure since they just don’t know how to stay still for long.

Happy Shopping!