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What’s the Haps?

Since last we talked:

  • I’ve finished my church’s annual fast. This year’s was pretty challenging. Usually I just do the Daniel Fast (fruits, vegetables, water) for the whole 21 days. This year I stepped my game up and did 3 days of liquid only, 15 days of Daniel Fast, then 3 days of liquid only. Hoping that those things for which I prayed become reality in the very near future.
  • An added benefit of fasting? The inevitable weight loss. I’ve dropped almost 12 pounds. Now to lose my final 7 pounds and maintain….
  • I thought I’d go nuts once the fast was completed and go to town on some tasty delicious food. Nope. It’s Monday morning and all I’ve had since the fast ended yesterday morning? 3 bananas, a handful of almonds, and a cheese quesadilla. I may go wild and have a cup of coffee this morning.
  • I have completed AND submitted my application for the Doctorate in Healthcare Administration program. Prayers up!
  • Lovegirl has come to me worried that one of her breasts is bigger than the other. Ma’am. I’m not sure how one determines the subtle differences between flat and flatter….
  • My car died. And what a glorious death it was. Smoochy came home Thursday night, replaced a part Friday morning. Drove it around and it was all good. I went to turn the car on and all we heard was “THUNK! THUNK! BLZZZZT!” and white smoke poured forth from the tailpipe.  RIP ol’ girl – you served me well. People rip on Dodges, but that Durango was 11 years old with almost 200K miles on it – I can’t even be mad that she’s gone on to that great junkyard in the sky.
  • Speaking of Smoochy, he went to NOLA to hang out in all the Super Bowl glory. I am so glad he took a few days off to hang out with his friends and enjoy himself. It’s something he rarely does and I’m glad he took this opportunity to just chill.
  • Last night’s game? Pretty stanking good! Not the game I expected – the Ravens shut it down in the first half – but still a good game. Wish I’d bet Smoochy – I told him the Ravens were gonna win. Not that I was particularly vested either way – neither my Raiders or Steelers were on the field 🙂
  • Beyonce and DC did a nice job with the halftime show. I’m neither a Bey stan or hater. As long as she’s singing uptempo songs, I’m good. Once she starts with the ballads, I’m done.
  • Did I tell y’all my father is giving me his old car? Shipping a car from CA to MS isn’t the cheapest thing, but it beats 4 or 5 year of car notes. Thank you Jesus! And Baba 🙂
  • And I guess that’s all for now – my coworkers are starting to trickle in, interrupting my blog flow.
  • Happy Monday! And don’t forget we’re discussing Grisham’s “The Racketeer” next Monday – get to getting!

14 thoughts on “What’s the Haps?

  1. Reading this post reminded me that I left my almonds at home. Oh well.

    Completed AND submitted. #PowerfulConjunction

    Tell LG not to fret, I think most boobies are asymmetrical (at least a little). Even the flat ones. LOL!!!

    A free car! Holla!!

  2. I’ve never belonged to a church that had an organized fast and I’ve never been disciplined enough to do it on my own. Kudos to you. Ain’t nobdoy giving me a free car so I plan on driving my car for at least another four years.
    A Doctorate in Healthcare Administration sounds great.

  3. that new car thing is truly a blessing! Mine is starting to show it’s tail. I’m trying to get her to hold on at least until next year. I hope and pray she makes it

  4. Poor LG! She’s been watching those suckers like a hawk, she sees the difference LOL!

    Praise God for the free car. Car payments suck.

    Congrats on your doctorate program! It’s yours.

    My church is around Easter. I’m prepping myself now.

  5. Wow, great things!!! Congrats on applying to the doc program and the weight loss and on the free car!!!! I’ll say a prayer for your application. 😀

    Lovegirl is hilarious!

  6. A free car? Chile, can I get adopted? I’m only 2 yrs into my car note. *sigh* Buying new. But I had a slew of bad luck w/used cars. I hope to drive my current vehicle until Buddha is of driving age. *does the math*

    I can’t wait to discuss The Racketeer. I’ve finished it and I LOVED it!! Grisham is the man! Reading The Twelve Tribes of Hattie in the meantime and then on to the Janet Evanovich series.

    Congrats on your PhD app being submitted. Mulling over starting the LLM program. I get a GREAT deal on it so I’m seriously considering it.

  7. Since you mentioned it, I’ve researched and decided to do the Daniel Fast. I’m starting next week, the first (half) week of Lent.

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