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Overreacting, I’m sure.

Damn NaBloPoMo!

Hidden (hidden) Racism?

(If you listen to T*om J*oyner, you know what I'm talking 'bout)

Scene:  Local – and I do mean local jewelry store.  Small, locally owned, know you by your first name kind of place.

In walk Lovegirl and I at about 5:30 tonight.  A charm fell off of my bracelet, so I want to have it soldered back on to a ring and reattached and I want an amethyst ring I used to wear turned into a charm and put on the bracelet.

I explain what I want to the new lady behind the counter.  No one that I’m accustomed to dealing with is in sight.  Just new lady.

She asks for my address – I give her the number and street.  “Jackson?” she asks.

To myself: “now why the hell would anyone from Jackson drive way out here to suburb land to have a charm bracelet fixed?  I know this chick is not saying that ’cause I’m black I must be from Jackson.  I know she’s not.  Calm down Nerd Girl.  Get yourself together.”

Out loud:  “Umm no.   I live in Insert Generic Suburb Name Here.”

Her:  “Oh.”

So then the lady writes up the ticket and – as though I am daft and dumb – proceeds to read to me what I’ve just watched her write:  “reattach yellow colored charm with three white colored stones to yellow colored bracelet.”

 Yellow colored?  It’s called gold.  White colored?  They’re called diamonds.

I understand her use of colorful adjectives and wanting to ensure that the correct work is done on the correct pieces, but for some reason,  coupled with her assumption of where I lived*, it rubbed me the wrong way. 

*Not that there’s anything wrong with Jackson. 


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