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Go Team Pink!

I love N.BC’s reality show “The B.iggest Loser.”  Love it!  The contestants do phenomenal things as it relates to weight loss and lifestyle changes.  Some go home in the first week, and some strategize, play their cards right, continually shedding the weight, allowing them to stay until the finale.

Ali started the show weighing 234 pounds.  15 weeks, and many pounds later, she won the title “Biggest L.oser” having shed 112 pounds – 47.86% of her initial body weight, weighing in at a svelte 122 pounds.  She is the first woman to win B.iggest L.oser in the show’s history.

Simply amazing.  I watch the show because 1) I love a feel good story and 2) because it motivates me – I maintain that if those people, with so much weight to lose can work out 2 and 3 times a day, and drop hundreds of pounds in 3 months, surely I can take my self to the gym 3 or 4 days a week and do what I know is right!

Go Ali and even though I know they’ll likely never run across this spot – big congrats to all of the participants and continued success in your journey towards better health!

Click here for before and after pics:  http://www.nbc.com/The_Biggest_Loser_5/photos/#cat=635 (click on the pink team button in the upper left corner for before/after options.)

On a completely unrelated note:  D.anity K.ane’s song “D.amaged?”  Possibly the worst song I have ever heard.


4 thoughts on “Go Team Pink!

  1. I was watching snippets of that show last night, too. How great that a woman won! She was so determined from the start.
    What I really love is that the contestants are so genuinely happy for one another as the weight loss results come in. And for themselves! Even if the latest one on the scale doesn’t take the lead, the genuine excitement, joy and smiles are so infectious. Everyone is a winner.
    I do think the regimens are a bit too torturous, and the weight loss a bit too fast. I do believe that a slow and steady loss is best. With that said, I hope the contestants keep the weight off.
    With that said, this is one reality show which only produces good things, IMO. I’m glad you featured it on your blog today.

  2. Oh wow, she looks AMAZING! That’s really something. I didn’t see the show but looking at her pictures on the site, she really looks like a totally different person. Her arms are really impressive!

  3. I was in TEARS when Ali won. I was happy for her, and Jillian, and women everywhere. Also, another point: I watch more reality shows than I care to admit, and a lot of contestants leave their children behind. I think the contestants on this show are the only ones who deserve any sympathy for that plight, because they truly are doing it for their children.

  4. @ Shanda – You’re so right – the fact that the contestants are genuinely happy for each other and that there is so little backbiting and fighting on the show just makes me happy. The meanness factor is the reason I can’t get into a lot of the other reality shows. I love To.p Chef too. They do get snarky, but in the end their talent as chefs is all that really matters.

    @ Los Angelista – She’s definitely got guns! That is the look that sadly, after 2 years of pretty faithful gym dates, has eluded me. I’m going to get there though!

    @ Sandy – I was soooo happy she won – she was confident, but not overly cocky. I was glad Dan wasn’t the #2 b.iggest loser for that very reason. And anything anyone does that’s positive for family gets two thumbs and two big toes up from me!

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