One dolla!

Y’all.  I have lost my mind.  Well, kinda.

Last week I was walking out of K.ohls and decided to check out the little jewelry store next door.  J Jewelry I think.  Y’all!  Everything is one dollar.  Well, they do have some higher priced goods – you know, the 3 and 4 dollar stuff – but most of their merchandise can be had for the low, low price of a dollar. 

Of course, no one will ever mistake this stuff for estate jewelry, but some of it looks pretty good and  I happily partook.  Last week I spent seven whole dollars and bought two bracelet and earring sets (one brown, one purple), two bracelets (one orange, one green), a pair of funky little summer earrings and two wooden bracelets – one light, one dark.

Well, yesterday ya girl played hooky from work and the dollar jewelry store called my name again.  My damage?  Five dollars.  This time I picked up another earring and bracelet set, two fake flowers (one brown, one black – thanks for the idea Kelly!), a yellow bracelet and a purple one.

I am spending my retirement money one dollar and one cheap piece of jewelry at a time.   I may need an intervention.

I won’t even tell you all how I almost lost my mind when we were home this summer and I realized they had watermelons at the 99 cent store!  Good watermelons.

Dollar stores – yay or nay?  What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought for a dollar??